BREAKING: Joe Biden Makes SHOCK Announcement – Desperate Plan

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Ruth (@guest_379761)
27 days ago

Too many people are dying after getting these vaccines. And I suspect that was the original intent of CCP, Fauci and Gates. Gates believes the world is overpopulated and in times past argues for giving “vaccines” to kids that would kill them. In India people are getting saline solution shots. BTW I don’t believe that is Biden. I think it is a double or clone, and that someone else is diving that train.

Sandy (@guest_379575)
28 days ago

What a laugh you are worried about considering when you are allowing thousands of people come over the border daily. Just proves how inept this administration is. You don’t care about America and never have.

Dee (@guest_379553)
28 days ago

Hey slow Joe, you need to grow a brain, we still have a Constitution. Your demon party wants to spend more money, so we all have more taxes on everything!!!

Stephen Russell (@guest_379540)
28 days ago

Try Incentives vs Govt to issue vaccines OK

cozycalico (@guest_379541)
Reply to  Stephen Russell
28 days ago

Yea how about giving each one vaccinated a few hundred dollars? I surely could use some and I got vaccinated completely.

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