BREAKING: Joe Biden Is Missing – Uh Oh

We’re running out of gas in America, the economy is in freefall, and a war is breaking out the middle east and Joe Biden is nowhere to be found.

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  1. I wonder what hole Cheney has her head up, I know it ain’t mine, as it was still working the last time that I used it. She said that she would not help anyone spread the “Big Lie” that there was election fraud. So I guess that she will spread the “Bigger Lie”, that there was no election fraud, to help her buddies in the DNC. I think that she will have better luck running for president as a Democrat. She would at least have the media and press on her side, if she wins the nomination that is.

  2. Well, you Americans who thought you were growing up in a FREE COUNTRY let me enlighten you!!!!!!!!! I just talked to my daughter at Goose Creek SC and guess what THEY ARE OUT OF GAS!!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME TO THE BEGINNING OF VENEZUELA!!!!!! LET’S ALL STAND UP AND GIVE JOE A BIG HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HOW DO YOU LIKE JOE NOW!!!!!!!!!! AND LET’S HEAR IT FOR YOU DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! AND LET’S NOT FORGET AOC, BERNIE, POCAHONTAS, NANCY, AND I COULD GO ON AND ON, ON, BUT I’M SURE YOU CAN ADD TO THE LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Has anybody looked in the WH basement? Seems he would hid there. Running the country is not his thing. No one seems to get that. This country is falling apart and no one is there to save it. “Donald Trump in 2024”.

  4. Brain dead Biden can’t handle more that one thing at a time. He said so himself! Bumbling Biden cancelled the Keystone Pipeline on day one of his misadministration of this once great nation which only shows that higher gasoline prices are a part of his handlers plans. The destruction of our economy is their goal. Hyper inflation is on the way which will make Jimmy Carter look like a successful president. Dementia Joe has, in just over 100 days, succeeded in becoming the absolute worst president ever – worse even than both Carter and Obama.


  6. Someone should do what China Joe’s buddies did with their own people there. Weld the door to his basement shut and leave him there

  7. Where is Biden and his administration ??? America is falling into shambles but these people are nowhere to be found !!! Idiots only show their faces during short rehearsed comments – where’s a president ??? This country is going to hell in short order – what’s it going to take to get this country back on its true pathway ??? I see only one thing – how about you ??? These comments should go somewhere, but where I haven’t the foggiest idea !!!

  8. And they all still insist claims of election fraud are false and baseless. That would be why they fight tooth and nail to prevent the audits. Truth be known we have been sold out to the Chinese by Biden, the Democrats, Pelosi, Fauci and the rest, all of them in bed with the CCP Pelosi’s ties to China go back to her commie father. For the People Act must be defeated or we are doomed. Wonder why they want our guns?? To leave us defenseless against their tyranny. Rise up Patriots, be heard !!!!

    1. Where is Oblammer in this mess?? You failed to mention Joe’s handler! And the force behind the fraud that got sleep elected! WORST election fraud in US history!

      Oblammer plotted this back when he was still King. He started sending YOUR tax money to the Chinese to develop a “new” flu variety in Wuhan. When it looked like President Trump would be reelected by the people what happened? The virus he paid to have developed got loose!!!! And what did Oblammer do about the same time? Bought and moved to an isolated island!!!! RACIST traitor!!!!

  9. I read somewhere that you can only clone a persons DNA 10 times then the clones start to go haywire. I think they are on their 13th/14th Biden clone! GOD HELP US

  10. Biden is s failure and the mainstream media doesn’t let the Americans know the truth proving they are FAKE NEWS.

    1. CNN is the Chinese News Network, will only echo the CCP talking points. As for Biden he is a Chinese puppet, that has 1.5 billion reasons to do what China wants him to, and 200 million from investments in Chinese firms.

      1. There is a reporter that is leaving Fox and going to CNN. They said that she would be their new space reporter. She will be giving daily updates on the space between the ears of the Lemon. These updates will be interspersed with updates on Statler and other CNN personnel with light years of space between their ears. Who is going to report on her, she is leaving FOX to Work for CNN, leaves the question of how much space is between her ears.

    2. The entire democratic party is a failure! We just need to put Trump back in office and throw every crooked democrat out of office! Who in the hell is going to stop us? The election was illegal and it should have consequences!

  11. It is very clear that America is being hijacked by the left wing Democrats and media lying news!

  12. They voted for a brain dead deer in the headlights .The establishment Republicans share the blame for allowing this clueless corrupt regime to gain power. God help us all.

  13. biden needs to be jailed and tried for treason alone with harris and the entire biden family. If he is found guilty then he needs to be executed for the crimes of treason.

    1. Be careful how u word stuff. The Gestapo is reading all. This what happens when a party runs a nation. They have removed God from our schools but welcomed Satan in. They mutilate little boy to make girls out of them and girls to make boys. They hate good and reward evil. They disarm the good and arm the bad. Their virtues are to lie,steal and destroy, the same traits of Satan. How do we win CHRIST IS LORD AND SAVIOR,THE HOLY SPIRIT OUR GUIDE,GOD OUR FATHER. PRAYER OUR WEAPON. PUT ON THE FULL ARMOR OF GOD!!!!

    2. Him and his family and friends harris to her family and friends all should get the death penalty

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