BREAKING: Joe Biden Gives The Order – Hospitals Forced…

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18 Responses

  1. Well now I’ll have to admit that we can honestly say that the Democrats are run by Satan himself

  2. Mr. Biden is an absolute disgrace to our country. He doesn’t do anything honest and right. He must be impeached from the presidency immediately

  3. I have never felt so helpless about our America and her people. This worthless, feckless, lying, cheating, thieving, lunatic, idiot has got to go one way or another, sooner rather than later. The honest, hardworking Americans have all got to stick together in order to defeat this scourge that has overtaken our America and, we will.

  4. God’s Law trumps (pun intended) man’s law. This administration and the democrat leadership are serving satan instead of God. It’s time for the christians to stand up and say no to laws that violate their ethics. Biden seems to think he is a dictator. This administration is illegitimate and their insurrection will soon be exposed and these traitors will be held accountable.

    The democrats are trying everything they can think of to stop the Arizona election audit. They are terrified this will be the first domino to fall.

  5. Trump is a real danger to this country. He has proven this time after time!!!! He should be banned from running in any presidential election!! Remember, he could cause the U.S.A. to be trapped into wars, to be linked to criminals, to suffer humiliation after humiliation, (remember the attack on Congress?) He is unstable and a nut case!!!! Please consider and reconsider‼️🤣

    1. Liza, I think we all just witnessed a true unstable nut case with your reply. It’s people like you that will be the downfall of a great country, AMERICA.

    2. As opposed to the dictator we have now? Biden is ruling by fiat, executive orders by the hundreds, driving the cost of living up on a daily basis. Even the cost of insulin has increased to the point that most diabetics cannot afford it. All because the SOB vowed to undo everything Trump did, good or bad, well good job biden, you got your wish, the country is starting to suffer, but you and your communist/democrat cohorts are changing the country into a haven for immoral behavior, illegal aliens who come here to sponge off the taxpayers and live here AGAINST OUR STANDING LAWS. Biden and the democrats won’t be satisfied until the entire country is a mirror image of the old Soviet Union, with lines for everything, because the democrats want the people to be subjects instead of citizens, and living entirely off the government tit.

    3. What world do you live in because it isn’t the same one Biden the Traitor stole the election and is fully intent on destroying our country. Please tell every one where you are from so maybe we all can understand that out of place committ

    4. Wow you really are lost look at the idiot running this Country in the ground… and it sure wasn’t or is Trump ! “WAR” the only person and person’s I see is this Administration causing a war !!!!

    5. And you think Biden can handle Iran, Russia and China with any credibility at all? I see the nutcase.

  6. where is are individual freedom going what is wrong with our leadership? wHAT IS HAPPENING WITH a person his/her self doing what their conscience telling them? We here in the US with the current leadership are going down the wrong road of life”

    1. WE Have no leadership at this time and that is the problem. We have a dictator in charge who also happens to not have a working brain.

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