BREAKING: Joe Biden Gets Bad News – Time To Face The Music

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12 Responses

  1. When you are asleep at the wheel you are going to crash everytime. Now that king biden and his handlers have lost their grip with reality. We the people are in a nose dive heading for a hugh crash.. now that everyone in the world knows it but our media and a few brain dead people we the people will have to fight just to survive.. get the votes counted correctly next time please

  2. I miss the America I grew up in. F#$%k biden harris aoc talib omar pelosi schummer God should send a bolt of lightning into Washington DC

  3. I know what song they will be playing for him and it’s not Hail to the Chief.

    Mozart – Funeral March – da da dada

  4. Biden/Harris and most of the Democrats should all be in prison for treason. The Demon party of destruction is pushing all things unconstitutional. President Trump made promises, kept them just waiting for his biggest to get rid of deep state!! I know there are so many dirty politicians on both sides, so I hope we don’t have to wait until nest year for all this evil to end.

  5. There needs to be a way to get rid of Biden/Harris and have a new election that is a honest one. The two of them are washing America down the drain so fast it is boondoggling.

    1. you got that right we have problems on the border,with china,with Iran all he says now is I’m told not to talk

      1. They don’t want him to talk because all of America would know how incredibly stupid he really is and that wouldn’t look good on the people who cheated to get him into office. Did you ever notice that you hardly see any public displays about Biden and Harris and in her Milwaukee trip not one supporter showed up and they won’t let Biden debate anyone and they keep him out of sight most of the time. I bet those who are responsible for all this have to be feeling pretty good about themselves about now.

    2. There is a way. Both houses flip next year. House names Trump Speaker of the House, which they are constitutionally permitted to do, as you do need to be a member of the House to be Speaker. Impeachment proceedings convene on both Biden and Harris for the corruption they are guilty of. Trump becomes President after impeachment and removal, and a new VP is named. Trump runs in 2024 with DeSantis as VP, and DeSantis runs in 2028. That would lead to +/- 6 more years of Trump, followed by 8 years of DeSantis.

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