BREAKING: Joe Biden DENIES It – This Looks Terrible

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9 Responses

  1. Ge really now, never did this in past over AFDC & Welfare then.
    Why now the care about working?
    Choose Dems end the Games

  2. ONE WORLD ORDER is what this administration is after and they are getting us there very quickly!!!!!!!!
    No one with the power seems to be doing anything to stop it! I know we have a constitution that puts a reign on these type of things
    but even our Supreme Court does not seem interested in fulfilling their duties!!!!!!

  3. Some people have to be hit in the face with the truth and even then do not believe it. This “administration” is in that league.

    1. This administration is playing make believe at our expense. It is a bogus administration and they will take care of themselves but not the rest of us.

    2. Not quite that simple: Mr Biden is leading that “league” with all the lies he can scare up.

      1. No he is just taking queue from his puppet masters like Obummer. He couldn’t get a third term so now he is doing nothing other then pulling that pore old demented Sleepy Joes chain and he goes in which ever direction he is pulled to. That is why he does not get to answer questions for the press. they are afraid he will mess up and say something that we will be able to hold his administration to account for with out someone being able to worm out of with a big fat lie or crap that they think we might want to hear because they believe us to be stupid.

    1. The last time an industrial nation printed pretty paper and called it money,
      a peculiar man popped up.His name was Adolf Hitler.Biden will try to penalize
      the industrious to subsidize the lazy .The pretty paper has only the value given
      it by “WE the people”and that value is collapsing fast.Car prices exceeding that
      of real estate can’t be maintained and economic collapse is on the horizon.

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