BREAKING: January 6 Hoax Exposed – This Is Insane

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  1. The entire Democrat Party and all who are connected with the Democrats , for example, The DOJ, FBI, CIA, RINOS and all Deep State rats need to be immediately removed from Government positions! The Democrats are the biggest threat to Americans Freedom and LIberty!

  2. Ashli Babbitt was not smashing windows to get into the capital as some commenters have commented. She simple walked into a room and a police officer shot her dead. Now warning or no “hands up”. She is a Veteran for the United States. For the people who accuse her of breaking windows please show me the clip. There is none. But there is one that shows her being shot and falling down. Her family is suing the DC police which should be done. You don’t just shoot someone for walking into a room. No wonder the Capital won’t release this officer’s name. I hope he hangs for this.

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