BREAKING: James Biden, brother of Joe, is ALSO under a Federal investigation

It’s not only Hunter – another member of the Biden family is under federal investigation. This time it’s Joe’s brother James.

Breitbart reports:

On Wednesday, Politico reported that federal prosecutors “have been asking about James Biden’s dealings” with Americore Health, a company that operates rural hospitals.

James Biden, who worked for Americore between 2017 and 2019, supposedly received a personal loan from the $650,000 company before decreasing his day-to-day activities. The personal loan was given to James Biden for helping Americore secure an even bigger bridge loan from a hedge fund run by one of his associates, Michael Lewitt. Court documents, as well as former Americore executives, claim that James Biden convinced the firm’s leadership to sign off on both by promising he would be able to secure larger investments from Middle Eastern contacts thanks to his family’s name.

It’s so eerily similar to Hunter Biden’s con, that it begs the question – who is really in charge here? Is it really all orchestrated by “the big guy” Joe himself?

I wouldn’t bet against it. James Biden has already been the subject of scrutiny – a 2019 lawsuit portrayed him as “a con artist who uses his ties to his brother… to lure his victims.”

Don’t expect to hear about this story in the mainstream media though.

After pretending to be ferocious truth-seekers during the Trump administration, they’ve turned into lapdogs. And lets not forget big tech, who deliberately covered up the Hunter Biden story, and no doubt will do the same with James’s scandal. The only place to find out the truth about the Biden administration is conservative media. We’ll continue to cover the real stories no matter what.

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  1. 654785 658852I cant say that I completely agree, but then once again Ive never genuinely thought of it quite like that before. Thanks for giving me something to take into consideration when Im supposed to have an empty mind whilst trying to fall asleep tonight lol.. 131477

  2. “It’s not only Hunter – another member of the Biden family is under federal investigation. This time it’s Joe’s brother James.”

    James should have been put in jail long ago. So should Joe. Remember him on national news blackmailing Ukraine by demanding they fire the prosecutor who was prosecuting the company, Burisma, who his son Hunter was working for? To pull that off, Joe Biden got the approval from, guess who? His boss. If you think anything is going to happen to the Bidens, well it might, or, Joe might very well become President under the ongoing coup they are attempting.

  3. Typical of cowardly corrupt politicians to be “investigating” Hunter and Jim Biden, but not Joe the mastermind, behind the sleazy “pay to play” schemes they accomplished in China, Russia, Ukraine, and other foreign nations. Our country is nothing more than a banana republic with fully 3/4s of the government (all agencies) trying to get as big a piece of the pie as they can. The ultimate triumph is a giant coordinated effort to steal the election which seems likely at this point. Myself, I no longer accept the BS the democrats have engaged in. Stealing an election without even bothering to cover up many acts of fraud is something I thought I’d never see in this country but realize where the prize is money and power (the two most powerful incentives in a dishonest person’s life) I realize how mistaken I was. At this point I’m so disgusted, I’ve decided “if Biden/Harris are to become our President and Vice President, they (democrats) will have accomplished the communist goal of world domination”. They can enjoy the plunder of this nation since we did not have the strength or courage to prevent them from taking it.

  4. We can all wish, hope, pray for a better America, but if we are not willing to ‘train, learn, and take action’ the same way that a combat soldier does, nothing will ever get done, except the majority of the world will still be blinded by the “god of this world of them that believe not…” [2nd Cor. 4: 3]. But just like most lazy, ignorant people, they want ‘someone else to do the fighting– the dirty work’ while the weak cowards just live like drunken, drugged up, glutinous, immoral, unbelieving fools. Actually the term “fool” means someone that does not believe in God [Yahweh] of the endless universe, and Jesus, too.
    Perish the thought that WE should actually read/ study older, accurate History books and the KJV Bible [which is PURE History]! I voted for DJ Trump, twice, and one of the reasons why so many ‘Americans’ hate him is that Donald J Trump is a CHRISTIAN! I also write a humble blog: TOM’S LOGIC JOURNAL [that used to be just: Tom’s Journal], and am also a Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70 [2–tours of duty, plus Germany.

  5. The reason the press is allowing the news about Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and the rest of the family is because they want V/P Harris to be President.
    Rush Limbaugh stated this quite a while ago in his recent radio show, because they don’t like what Joe Biden is proposing and they want the very
    liberal Harris in control as she supports all their liberal policies. She is more left than Bernie Sanders.
    We can only hope and pray that the U.S. Supreme Court will hear the case of the fraud election and invalidate the election to put Donald Trump back
    as President for another 4 years.

  6. Come on…Joe Biden is the head of all of this. Kamala and other high ranking Dems are all involved. Probably the media too and that is why there will never be anything done about it. We need to get rid of all the swamp people. They have all been there way too long sucking up all the monies they can.

    1. I think you are right. It scares the hell out of me to think of what kind of country we will have with all the crooks including Soros at the helm. What really makes me irritated is that the right doesn’t realize they have to fight fire with fire and will just hand the country over to this mafia. Are they really that stupid? It’s time the people get a break after 8 years of obummer and we the people were finally moving on for the better and the crooks steal the election and the supreme court won’t even stand by the people. Were screwed!!!

  7. Joe Biden is a robbinette that family owned slaves and were southern soldiers so why wouldn’t his brother also be questionable in any forever there all crooks!

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