BREAKING: It’s Over – Trump Celebrating

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11 Responses

  1. They should have gotten rid of her in the first place. With all of her lies and jealousy against Trump. He showed everyone just how much he loves America. Everything he promised when he was campaigning he accomplished all of them and more in the four years in office. No FALSE PROMISES LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

  2. I am so sorry I voted for Bush /Cheney, I hope this situation comes back & all of them have to be held responsible for their actions. I believe they have committed TREASON. I will be completely satisfied when they add PELOSI, BIDEN, HARRIS, & everyone else who tried to destroy President Trump. Biden should be impeached due to what he is doing to Rudy Giuliani, lets face it Hunter Biden & Joe Biden are guilty.

  3. Thank God she’s out! By vowing to keep Trump out of office may just turn around on her! Words do have power.

  4. Personal animosity towards an individual should not trump over the good of the nation. Rep Cheney allowed this to overcome the common good of the nation and her state. To deny voter fraud despite the evidence and to work against the common good of the nation due to the Bush/Cheney hatred of Trump is iresponsible on her part.

  5. Liz Cheney’s daddy should have told to shut up. She had expressed her feelings, but she didn’t leave it at that. She was always a never Trumper. She has lost her home support also. She could become a dumbocrat. Don’t know if they like traitors either, but to vote against our Wonderful President Trump they might accept her then throw her away like they did McCain.

  6. Liz Cheney, Must pay the price for her Dirty Deeds against Trump and the Republican Party ! She will be Judged by a Military Tribunal and if found Guilty, Liz Cheney will be either put in Prison for the rest of her Life or Executed by our Armed Forces !

  7. Why does it take so long for the republicans to do anything. Should have been gotten rid of last time she kissed up to the democraps.. the dems always needs a rino in office for help when needed. Too bad they dont realize the dems will use you till they are done with you.. now look where you are stupid.

  8. well goodriddence the gop is better off with out her now its only till 2022 before montana removes her from office

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