BREAKING: Investigation BOMBSHELL Rocks Biden Administration – Time To Panic

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PATRICIA (@guest_376885)
27 days ago

I sure hope the Democrats will be charged shortly for all the crimes they have committed, which goes all the way back to Hillary Clinton, Obama, Biden, Comey & the rest of their crew who broke so many laws yet nothing is happening to them. Now with Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, Olen (I believe that’s how her name is spelled, of course, she should be called a rapist, an anti-American who should be kicked out of office with the rest of these corrupt democrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When is our Republicans going to take action against these people? They sure would go after us, well they did THE BEST PRESIDENT WE HAVE IN MANY YEARS SHAME ON THEM.

Grampstang (@guest_376849)
27 days ago

It is time to put the media leaders in prison if they dont give the people true unbiased news. Either prison time or fine them out of existance.

Renee' Matthews (@guest_376837)
28 days ago

Really getting very tired of the dramatic headlines that either do not reflect the article contents at all, or the headlines make the story seem much bigger than it is. Nearly as bad as the fake news MSMs. I am just about ready to discontinue this and unsubscribe if this doesn’t change soon.

Michael S Dowling (@guest_376828)
28 days ago

Still all fluff. Just news and never any results or real investigations. Republicans need to get some better people in charge if they think they will retake the woke house. The democraps have all angles about wrapped up. Next we the people will see king bendover take out the pens again and just make himself ruler over us all. No need to vote we got this they will vote for you…..

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