BREAKING: Illegal Immigrants Are Getting 15k. You Get To Pay For It.

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  1. If the Democrats want to give the illegals $15,000 dollars then let them pay out of their
    pockets or from other Democrats. I do not want my taxes used to pay for people who
    do not have a right to be here. These people should put the money they have wasted
    coming here on making their own country a better place to live and work.

  2. Can I become an illegal? I need 15k ! Kick them out of our country! Give the money to us American citizens!

  3. It is hard for me to believe that almost ALL Americans, Republicans and Democrats alike, are NOT extremely upset with Biden and his fools. It is not Republicans -good, democrats -bad. However, if both parties don’t get busy and stop this craziness, it will be the end of both parties and our freedom! People WAKE UP!

  4. I am headed to mexico now. Sell my old id to the natives and step across to border into a new upscale life of the new democrat. New car, houses, free health care, tons of cash, all the drugs i can funnel into the usa. Prefect new life…… only we the people get the bill… great job aswipe king biden

  5. President Biden YOU told them to come here! NOW,YOU CAN PAY– for their needs— OUT OF YOUR OWN POCKET!!! You knew we did not have places for them. We have people here that are in great need. –Also, you need to quit using our military people as “baby sitters” let them get back to their REAL JOBS! YOU ARE A disgrace to our whole country. These poor trusting people walked many, many miles with their families ,suffering dangers of abuse, getting cheated out of money. They KNEW it was wrong coming into our country this way– but they believed YOU! Now you don`t have the decency to face them at the Border! What a poor excuse of a MAN! Now you, Biden and our “supposed” political Leaders plan to give each one of these people A LOT OF MONEY –NEVER!! You are using our military persons to care for them plus we are giving them somewhere to sleep, food to eat ,etc. If anyone ever needed to be impeached it is YOU and these IDIOT political persons. What about the people who have tested “POSITIVE” to the VIRUS? Are they being treated?– GET THE WALL BUILT and clean up the MESS YOU CAUSED Biden! If you ALL can not follow THE LAW, LEAVE THE UNITED STATES and go to another country–IF THEY WILL HAVE YOU! We want OUR COUNTRY we LOVE Back!—- How can you all sleep at night? May God have mercy on your wicked souls,

  6. thats not suprising the Vietnamese folks came here tax free for 10 years if i remember correctly also got some lump sum cash but that is a little different the were fleeing coumunisum now they are almost back in the same boat w/ Biden

  7. It is treason to pay non- citizens with tax payer dollars. If biden wants to give money to illegals, let him give the communist money that he and his family received from Russia and China.

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