BREAKING: Horrific Tragedy STRIKES Americans – Four Dead…

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Nancy (@guest_394963)
18 days ago

What the hell is going on with people now a days. Does no ones life matter any longer. Was this marine on a watch list for mental illness ? Was this his immediate family that was involved?

Kit (@guest_394029)
20 days ago

As a guest

Lynn (@guest_393994)
20 days ago

God bless the families of these 4. Lord comfort the heart of the governor as he deals with this tragedy.

Kit (@guest_394030)
Reply to  Lynn
20 days ago

Sick fascist nazi liberal wackos blaming the gun in their efforts to take freedoms away. This is what all l fascists socialists regimes have done to gain power through history . Don’t read the facts just make assumptions and jump to your own conclusions to meet your agenda that the fake racist media wants you to. In this case don’t blame the meth or the PSD or for heavens sack the man. Get real you liberal wackos start using you brain and and quite being so prejudice. No gun has on its own ever initiated and fire any shout on it own let alone aimed and fired itself. Only in a manipulated wacko Liberal Democrats Mind. Just my opinion

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