BREAKING: He’s Dead – This Is So Tragic

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2 Responses

  1. I am so sorry for the loss of this innocent man’s life being taken at the hands of two burdens on Society!! This is sad when a Man leaves his Home Country for a Dream of a Better Life in America for Him & His Family & it took 2 entitled lazy little witches that WANTED what this Man WORKED FOR but thought that they HAD A RIGHT TO JUST TAKE IT FROM HIM!? This is the example of what & why the black community wants to Defund the Police & to DEMAND the DESTRUCTION of ANYONE WHO HAS MORE THAN THEY DO & IF THEY WANT IT THEY WILL TAKE IT OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR LIFE FOR IT!? I bet these poor teen girls had no Father in the home, Moms an addict or puts a man over their kids for that welfare check she gets for this animal she has raised & the animals she has been on her back making for that Child Support & that TCA welfare check too, or maybe it’s a case where these girls were just bored & figured that for fun they would target a person to see if they could get away with commiting a crime because of their skin color just to see if it will work for them like it does all those blmantifa cowards who get away with MURDER LITERALLY because this has been the message of the past year or a little over a year so if you want to place blame start by putting it where it belongs on the HANDS OF THE pedophile, whore-is, pisslosi, the governor of Maryland the hog RINO hogan & the mayor of the scum City (that is almost as bad as pisslosis city) DC!! Yall have made these animals & I hope & Pray to God that Anwars Family finds the BEST LAWYER (Siegal & Tully) in the State & Sue’s not only Uber but these girls families because mommy can pay the fines with her multiple child support & TCA Welfare checks she gets THEN ID SUE THE HELL OUT OF DC, Maryland, those who were on scene who NEVER ONCE CHECKED ANWAR OR ADMINISTER ANY HELP (National Guardsmen & EMTs) & then I’d sue the Mayor & the Governor period!! This was absolutely senseless & a game to these wastes of heartbeats & they should be treated like the animals they are they show no respect for Human Life at all & this man’s LIFE DID NOT MATTER TO THESE PO💩
    God please be with Family & Friends of Anwar, please wrap your EVER LOVING ARMS AROUND HIS FAMILY & FRIENDS LORD & help them on their journey to healing Lord I ask that you continue to keep these Men & Women in your embrace & Comfort them all as I know only YOU can LORD Father I also ask that you help those that have taken this Beautiful Mans Spirit away & help them get the Justice they both will deserve & get!! I ask for these things in the name of Jesus Christian My Lord & Savior AMEN

  2. Must have been from the democrat benefits program. A democrat is never wrong and if you say they are your racist. All covered now. The guys fault for having a car crash at the wheel. Nothing will happen here. different outcomes if this was whitie doing it

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