BREAKING: He Was Just Found DEAD – Apparent Suicide Shocks Nation

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J. Neal (@guest_384902)
1 month ago

On suicide maybe, 4 not likely.

Laura Wagner (@guest_384846)
1 month ago

I feel sorry for his family and they have my sympathy and well-wishes. That said, why are these men killing themselves? Does knowing what the Capitol Police were ordered to do to the peacefully protesting crowd on Jan. 6th leave them feeling so guilty that suicide is the only way out? If that is the case, then Pelosi, who ordered them around like her personal Gestapo, has blood on her hands. She should be held accountable, but I bet that her ‘Investigation’ won’t show that she is at fault in any way. Do I have any takers?

Lena McKnight (@guest_384850)
Reply to  Laura Wagner
1 month ago

Yes you are 100% correct but I am wondering if they were involved in the plot with FBI and they are being arkancide! Because he is one of four so far Pelosi was made aware and she chose to ignore it so she could have some more ammunition against Trump and his supporters!

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