BREAKING: He Just Said The Unthinkable – Media Is FREAKING OUT

Do you think leftists will agree that he’s entitled to his opinion? Or will they shriek at him and call him racist?

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8 Responses

  1. I agree with all of you. I let people show me how they want to be treated. If they are nice to me then I am nice to them. Color is not a factor.

  2. Yes, wish we would stop looking at the color of one’s skin as though that makes a difference as to what they are capable of accomplishing. It does not! There are good black people and there are some not so good but there are also good white people and some not so good so color makes no difference in my book or my eyes. If you are going to judge then judge by something other than color like judge by character and actions.

  3. I agree, we don’t think of color. I look at a person’s ethics, and personality. It is the Democrats trying to take this country back to the 50’s. There has been so much improvement and now they are trying to take us back.

  4. There are a great number among us who do not wake up each day thinking in terms of color… I’d like to invite those who do, to join the rest of us. I realize the politicians will continue to divide us, pit one against the other, in order to collect votes but if we begin to ignore them, they’ll have to find another way to get our attention. Unfortunately, far too often, their good works won’t be among the ways to our hearts and minds. They are simple people, looking for simple results… and again, unfortunately, they’ve found the emotions involved with race baiting to be a simple and quick solution.

  5. We all bleed. (Red). And we came from one man and one woman. Whether we like each other or not is meanless too. Just because we have a government that wants to divide us. And a government that all it wants is money and power is evil. The Democrats are willing to lie and lie to you.
    And people keep believing them. Democrats are taking us back to slavery. People believe in free stuff. Just like they can give you free, free, free. Democrats will take it back once, they get what Democrats want. Which a dictatorship government. Democrats will take back all the free stuff.
    Joe Biden stole his wife, stole votes, and stole the election! We have to stop joe, because I think it’s Obama administration today.

    1. I agree…nothing more need to be said. 🙋‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂💁🏼‍♂👩🏿‍🚀👩🏽‍🍳👨🏾‍🍳

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