BREAKING: He Just EXPOSED Kamala Harris – She’s Fuming

She can’t be happy being publically called out like this.

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  1. He wouldn’t be dead if he just would have complied he wouldnt be dead its because he made a wrong decision and paid for it with his life decisions have consequences

      1. if they are 21 or over it’s no excuse not to comply when you are told to do so they should know right from wrong instead play hard headed you see what happens

      1. Agree, Law enforcement officers do not want to kill, they are enforcing the LAWS of the community and country, I was told when I was a child to respect LEO’s, also to look toward them if I needed help, In retrospect it goes both ways, the police need to respect those in the community. This was a tragic accident, But there was contributing action on Dante;s part by not obeying the officer.

        1. Those now called LawenFORCEment Officers were once called PEACE officers, a significant change.
          At one time, if there was a non-peaceful situation, Peace Officers were called to bring peace. Today, Law Enforcement Officers are called only when laws are broken and the element of FORCE is far more important to their image than peace.

        2. Right. These things don’t happen for no reason. Extra force is only used when someone who has already broken the law, does not comply with the Officer an

    1. That’s right. I’m sad that people have to lose their lives but don’t be a criminal and put yourself in a situation that may cause the unruliy to lose their life. I don’t have police after me because I don’t go out and wreak havoc on the streets . The police officers and National Guard are just doing their job to keep Law and Order. The left and the governors of these cities don’t seem to care. How about being a law- abiding citizen.

      1. If we all were law abiding there would be no need for police. Unfortunately, we have too many that do not follow the rules which makes a need for police. I pray for our police daily as they are getting a very bad rap because of a very few and it is not right.

    2. The real criminals here are the demoncrats.
      Just look at what they are doing to our America. It’s just a matter of time.

    3. Bryan, you hit the nail right on the head! I truly feel common sense has been LOST in this CASE as well as it has in many others!!! WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE “OUR”” REPRESENTATIVES???!!! When a citizen tries to get away from a Policeman who is questioning that citizen, he darned well should not threaten nor run away from that Policeman….wouldn’t you think??! Where has respect for authorities gone??? Where has justice gone?

    1. Any person that is stopped by police should just take your ticket, happy or not, but if you run for whatever the reason you suddenly should be handcuffed, then let them figure out what you have done. Most people would to me, just cooperate unless they are up to no good.

  2. It must be ok to do thing bad! With this new President ha ha .he does not belong in AMERICA ! TRUE AS HELL !

  3. Fighting against police in this day and age doesn’t pay. Especially if you haven’t done anything wrong.

  4. We are all born with free will, we all know that every action requires a reaction. No one has control of your life and destiny. I believe everyone no matter how you are raised understands the different between right and wrong. I am no stranger to the police and I have not agreed with some of their methods and over suspicions with some of them, but understand they are doing a job, they are trying to weight their safety along with ours. I also knew I had nothing to hide or was guilty of. I am still alive today because I let them do there job, did not flee or ague, if it was a real issue I would call the department and register my complaint. I’m sorry the only person who runs is the guilty. So the choice and your destiny is yours and your alone. It a shame and I feel for the parents , but he made the decisions leading up to his death

    1. I agree, your comments are so true. I only wish more people thought this way, otherwise bad people feel they are above the law. It’s not hard to be cooperative.

  5. YES you should respect the law, and I do truly believe this was an accident. What I cannot understand is why when a white person shoots a black person they are ready to burn, destroy a whole city and even kill if they can. BUT let a black person shoot a police officer or another white person, you never hear about that except in a police report or a short article in the newspaper. What makes them think they are above the law, and yes even GOD that they can do all these terrible things and get by with it. when Trump was president he tried to do his best to avoid these riots, but then the democRATS just cheered the looters on. They put Trump down, I wonder what biden and his vice no president will do. NOTHING I BET. I wonder if they will try to stop this mess or just let it go on. They are too stupid to know what to do. I feel sorry for this country, we have no leadership, only our own good common sense. GOD HELP US ALL!!


  7. If people would just comply at the time and then they can get a lawyer to argue it after the fact. I was a police officer and back then most everyone did as requested.

  8. Kamala Harris did not answer the question. This is because the BLM Klan group is the Democrats enforcement group. The Democrats used this group to blackmail all companies in this country to donate millions and to use the racist card against white people. This donated money is not going to the black communities. This money is making the founders of BLM Klan multi-millionaires. Kalama or Biden will not support them now because it does not fit their agenda.

  9. It’s a tragic that this young man lost his life and I’m praying for him and his family. With that said I so wish he just would have complied. The main stream media BLM, ANTIFA, and the demonrats as well as rino republican snakes are pushing a narrative that Black Americans should always fear police officers and unfortunately this is the result of those actions. I mean look how the media and there cohorts are exploiting the George Floyd trial. It’s being aired to create division between Black and White and between the Black community and police officers. We have got to figure out a way to stop these propaganda pushers as well as come together as Americans under God with the love of Jesus Christ.

  10. Police officers are doing a job. I think they all would appreciate us behaving like civilized people and not rioting and destroying the businesses and neighborhoods of others. Those who behave like vandals and terrorist should expect the consequences of their behavior. Do they really think the police should stand by and condone this behavior. The two do nothings in the White House are not helping matters either.

  11. This veteran police officer will be charged with manslaughter for accidentally pulling her service revolver instead of her taser..yes it’s a tragedy, if only he complied. But the Capitol police officer ( who has not been named) will not be charged for shooting the women who came into the Capitol on Jan 6th. What is wrong with this picture?????????

  12. Why did he run ,because he had a warrant for his arrest.All he had to is comply with the cops .And none of this would have happen.We have laws for a reason,to protect people from criminals “simple”follow the law “Don’t fight the law.But they will blame the police.Racism,no blame the crook

  13. Yes, this is tragic. But people need to respect law enforcement, not run. After they told him he had a warrant for his arrest. So he decided to break away from the police and run. All actions have consequences.

  14. Kamala, teach everyone (black or white) who’s told to do something by the Police to comply!!!!!! Then we wouldn’t have this death’s, IT’S because of their own stupidity!!!

  15. Sorry….no sympathy for an aggressive, armed thief who had an outstanding warrant and was uncooperative to the police…..accidental or not it was karma.

  16. Remember 911? Remember the Boston Marathon Bombing? What were people doing? Running away from danger. What were cops doing? Deliberately running into danger to help.
    And leftists want to defund these heroes?

  17. Watch Chris Rock’s funny/true bit on how to respond to the police. Should be part of every year is school from the first grade up. And parents should have to watch it too.

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