BREAKING: Fox Star HUMILIATES Media – I Stood Up And Cheered

LOVE Greg Gutfeld!

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  1. Fox news, Tucker, Hannity, Greg Gutfeld, Laura Ingram am, Outnumbered, they are all great! You get pure truth in their news! Plus, they are funny, make things light, but they tell you like it is! Bret Bair, The Five, good except for Juan! I don’t watch any other news show!

  2. Why does anyone watch any main stream media. They can’t tell the truth because
    they only report fake news that far left liberals tell them to. real lowlifes

  3. No CNN here. Even if they get people who know what they are doing (which won’t happen) I will never trust them again.

  4. Gutfield tells the truth; he is funny and his comments are indisputable. His guests are interesting & lend an added concept to the show. He’s a keeper!!

  5. This family no longer watches CNN. They definitely are no longer a trusted news source. In fact, when you hear a poll conducted by CNN, you automatically dismiss it. We love Gutfeld’s new show! We love all his regular guests as well as his special guests too. Always entertaining and truthful. Keep up the good work!

    1. I am retired, have been for over 20 years, and I mainly catch as many shows on FOX as possible! They are the ONLY CHANNEL that I watch! I do flip during a commercials, and then happily go back to FOX!! There are so many “NEWS ANCHORS” (I USE THE TERM LOOSLY) that are not honorable and lie so much instead of trying to report the truth, that I seldom leave FOX!! THANKS FOX FOR YOUR HONESTY, INTEGRITY AND KNOWLEDGEABLE NEWSCASTERS!! The public is so very LUCKY to have every program TRUE!!! THANKS!!!

  6. Keep up the good work. I haven’t watched cnn for a long time and will not watch cnn when we have good shows like yours available.

    1. Glad to hear you are enjoying Gutfield!. I love his shows. He doesn’t hold back
      and he’s damn funny!

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