BREAKING: FBI Conservative Targeting CONFIRMED – Open Season On Republicans

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7 Responses

  1. This is what 50+ years of CCP infiltration has done to our institutions.

  2. Fbi is just another democrap idea running amuck.. doj with them. All are or is a democrap operation coming for anything they see not in line with king biden.. there is already the double standard for us. If you are repubilcan guilty as charge and you go away for a long time…communism in its infancy.. look and any of hitlers moves and they mirror what is going on now.. brown shirts=FBI. If ok for democraps wait till it is your turn.. it will come as soon as they are done with republicans

  3. FBI! Should be setting a better example. This latest episode really taints their image. It seems as if you are not a backer of Biden then you are in for an
    unlawful search, whether you are innocent or guilty. when they knock down your door and do not inform you of why they are there, then I think the individual has a right to sue and be compensated for the wrong full entry. Too many of the government agencies have gotten to the point where they
    think they are greater than anyone and can do as they please. They MUST be held accountable.

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