BREAKING: Evidences Is IN – Trump Was Right

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6 Responses

  1. Biden is incompetent to be president of our beloved country. His dementia is a hindrance also. But dont let Kamala fill in… she is TROUBLE 100%.

  2. We only had to *BELIEVE*… There were some that wanted to call it “fake news” or “propaganda”… But, Trump was right, all along. He should dismantle, MSDNC, Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS. Revoke their licenses to propagandize/ I mean report the news… Get the reporters out of the White House, fumigate the place where they were reporting their lies.

    Dismantle Google/Alphabet, Yahoo,

  3. We knew the lies from all of them.
    Then they went right ahead and used third world tactics to steal the White House too.
    Many innocent people died but many of these creeps will burn in hell for ever.

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