BREAKING: Democrats Vote Against It – Americans Are In Danger

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24 Responses

  1. I agree with all these comments.we the americans have to wear masks social distance and everything else.can not have family get togethers for almost a year.but these illegal immigrants can do and say anything.our country is no longer the americans all belongs to illegal immigrants BLMS and Antifats.we the americans have no rights anymore.the democrats made sure of that.

  2. This is egregious but no surprise. We American citizens have to negative covid test to board some planes, use public transportation, go to a movie, restaurant and yet these illegals just com right into with arms practically open fir them to do so, get transported to undisclosed communities no idea, no vetting and not 1 mind to covid pandemic, but yet us Americans have to jump thru hoops to even go to some restaurant. Am I the only one that finds this extremely dangerous, bizarre and just nit right.

  3. Where is dr. Fouchi . He said we need to.wear mask after getting the shot. He needs to tell the president that he is going to be killing millions of americans if he lets illegals come n without testing. He is going to kiss bidens butt and say nothing because he likes getting all this extra money. Wouldn’t it be funny if he got the virus and couldn’t be helped.

  4. You get quarantined In Mexico for 10 days if you test positive for Covid.But come to America no tests for Covid and you can make your way around our country. We have sick leaders and its getting worse. By the way what happened to our constitution democrats????

  5. Illegal immigrants have no business being in this country, but the democrats don’t care they will let them in, give them money, resister them to vote democrats into power and in the process destroy this nation, they are sick with power

    1. Robert, that is exactly what they are doing. Don’t care about the well being of our country as long as they get uninformed voters and more people on welfare. Why haven’t impeachment proceedings been started?

  6. Covid Testing is vital but why do illegal immigrants get to fly into our country in the US in the first place?

  7. Just a reminder a genuinely deadly pandemic doesn’t require 24/7 advertising to remind you it exists.
    Real pandemics don’t need marketing campaigns and endless propaganda….. But

    Psychological Operations DO.

    bidens actions of letting illegals in with out a test proves he usging this pandemic as a scare factor to control the people

  8. They can now spread the pamdemic all over the states again.. they will make sure to send the illegals to red open states, put more democraps for votes and give everyone around the illegals dieases. They can then show the country why you need to close the opens states. Cause the pamdemic everywhere again. More lockdowns for americans and let the illegals do as illegals do…how many planes have been shut down because a 2 yr. Old can’t wear a mask. This country is worthless sometimes

  9. Absolutely insane! It’s a pandemic! Our incompetent brain dead president preaches constantly that Americans need to wear a mask, wash their hands, and avoid people if we want to be able to have bbq’s with our families on July 4th. Yet he is encouraging thousands of illegals to cross our border and sending them throughout the US without Covid testing.

  10. Remember, they do not want to “fix” the border crisis. They have all the guards, money and medical needs to keep themselves safe.

  11. I’m not surprised. Democrats always live by the double standard role. What’s OK for them is not OK for certain others.

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