BREAKING: Democrats Get Caught In “Misinformation” Scandal – This Is A Nightmare For Biden

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Stephen Russell (@guest_382635)
7 days ago

Big Tech been spreading misinformation since 3-20 to date on virus & vaccine

Newa (@guest_382550)
8 days ago

Just looking at k Harris I know I would not work for her. She has a bad attitude. I would not choose her as a friend either

Joseph Techiera (@guest_382408)
9 days ago

And there are 9,656 people who have died from the vaccine alone in two to three month this is outrageous,the most any Vaccine that has deaths is maybe two or three

cozycalico (@guest_382535)
Reply to  Joseph Techiera
8 days ago

Yes, but what we don’t know is what conditions those people had before getting the vaccine that made them have the bad reactions. I am 82 and in great health and I got the vaccine both shots with no reactions whatsoever.

jeff (@guest_382547)
Reply to  cozycalico
8 days ago

not yet…..

MustangUSN04 (@guest_382594)
Reply to  cozycalico
8 days ago

I was very healthy. Never get sick or have never had the flu. I am 75. I received my second shot April 10th. May 10 I went to the emergency room. Woke up 17 May after being intibated the entire time for, they say, double bacteria pneumonia. No previous issues. Had the senior pneumonia shots previously. Spent 20 days in the hospital for taking the Fiser vaccinations.

Last edited 8 days ago by MustangUSN04
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