BREAKING: Democrats Declare A Crisis – Key State In Serious Trouble

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  1. There’s a half-inch fish in the Sacramento Delta called a smelt. It’s endangered. Instead of relocating this fish, California has for years dumped millions of gallons of snow run-off directly into the ocean. Ergo: droughts, failing farms, fires. THIS IS A CONSCIOUS DECISION.

  2. If the Dems think they’re losing voters, they create a crisis so their beloved voters will forget all about the rotten things Newsom has done. Next, there will be a crisis in Oregon, where Jerry Brown’s sister is governor, one of the most detested women in our government. She’s right up there with women like Pelosi, Tlaib, AOC, Omar, Waters, Hillary, Michelle, Harris, and so on. The Dems will do anything to take the voter’s minds off what’s really happening.

  3. The last Democrat that looked out for the working man was JFK. Now Carter and Obama have a president that is worse than them, Biden. Biden started off screwing over the union men that the Democrats used to look out for

  4. Maybe God is telling them something? Their idea of water management is a joke, small worthless fish over farmers fields, golf courses and parks over residential water. All their water storage is poorly designed and shallow. They’ve just dug themselves a hole.


    1. I think it’s finally sinking in that it’s the ‘citizens’ who ‘allow’ that to be the case!! In fact, it was Hillary Clinton who said ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’!! She was vocalizing one of the Dem ‘mantras’!! People need to ‘listen’ closely. Every once in awhile, a Dem let’s the ‘cat out of the bag’ and we need to be aware of just ‘what’ they said!!

    1. Our ‘silly’ Squad members are convinced we ’cause’ the weather and a few ‘trillion’ dollars will ‘fix’ it!! If they had paid attention in school, they might have learned that the planet Earth goes through cycles and has for millions of years! The last thing that affected it was ‘cow emissions’! If that had been the case, our atmosphere would have been severely ‘polluted’ by the billions of wild ‘herd’ animals that roamed the Earth all these years! Granted, I agree we should control emissions from our vehicles and factories. However, while ‘we’ are doing that, China and India are pouring HUGE amounts of pollution into the atmosphere. That doesn’t justify ‘us’ doing the same but, they are a major problem!!! Something needs to be done about it and ‘I’, personally, have no suggestions!

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