BREAKING: Democrat Conspiracy EXPOSED – Huge Move To Grab Power

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  1. Revert all land beyond 10 Blocks to to Maryland with all monies from Fed government and taxes to Maryland apportionately. Land belongs to Maryland I’d removed from Federal Government. This fixes everything to do with representation. If needed allow no one to live in 10 block remaining Federally owned capital. Those living in DC now can move to MD or VA. Change DC name to
    District of America and move all Federal Employees in MD and VA to the 10 block district. All Constitutional and clean. District can create more museums and arts for LBGT, all immigrants, past slaves and native americans and oppressed peoples. Between these and Federal buildings and parking garages it will need then 10 blocks. Build Biden’s new homes and retrofits in MD and Virginia and new metro stations as needed. By building here, the District of America and surrounding area can provide a model for new communities.

  2. DC was not intended to be a state. It is the seat of our government and Congress.
    The people who live in DC, other than the Congress, need to go either to Va or Md
    to vote. If these people want to vote then move to a state. The Constitution designated
    DC as the seat of government but not a state. That is the way it should be.

  3. I agree DC is a city. Biden and Harris are the most disliked discusting deceitful disgraceful people in our United States of America. Do these jerks know what United means. Apparantly not… they are too stupid. Impeach Biden Harris and Pelosi now!!!

  4. DC is defined as a City in the Constitution – Any change to its status would violate the Constitution… Illegal.

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