BREAKING: Conspiracy Against Trump EXPOSED – The Deep State Is Real

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8 Responses

  1. Liz Chaney and all involved with her has cost this country and people a very GOOD, actually GREAT President. I now believe the election was truly stolen from Trump and I feel certain there is proof. This is so disgusting and will turn many people against everyone involved in this unlawful act. Many names I saw were of people that we Americans held in high esteem, but that is over now. I would never vote for any of them again or anyone involved with them. They have proved they do not care about We The People, they only care about themselves. I pray charges are brought against them, if not, no one will learn the cost of wrong doing. We The People deserve better than this. God have mercy on them!

  2. Liz, you are a turn coat that jumped on the media bandwagon without examining the actual facts, quick to condemn. In this country, one is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty; however the the dems and you made your own judgment without investigating the matter thoroughly that everyone is entitled to. Shame on you. You seem to be aiming for political gain and a shot at advancing further a rung up the ladder to your career, but I think you are heading down the path to disgrace and political disaster within the Republican party. Why didn’t you wait before blurting out your disgust on a personal level for Trump? He may lack a smooth talking approach, but has to be judged on results, which were very spectacular for his time in office. He will go down in history as one of the very best of presidents. Time will honour him, whereas the current media only smears him; the media of which you jumped the gun to join. Truth always wins out over the long haul. You could be a valuable member of the party if you opened your mind to wait the end of an investigation, the make up your mind. You are a smart cookie; serve your constituents, not your own political ambitions.

  3. what a rotten thing for her to do — great show of hatred and hopefully WYOMING will remove her- – -traitor and very hateful . . . just like her traitor dad. . . time to remove the rotten congress members–this is our country and you dont have the right –to me you are a traitor !!!!!!

  4. Liz Cheney has proven herself ot b a self-serving embittered politician; who cares little about properly representing her constituents. Hopefully the voters will oust her soon.

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