BREAKING: CDC Gives The Order – It’s Happening

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4 Responses

  1. Well what are they going to do stop a person perform a strip search and body cavity search for proof of having received their experimental vaccine with who knows what side effects there may be 2-10 yrs down the road ? without doing these things how are they going to know who has and has not received this experimental shot ?

  2. CDC is government owned! Why should we believe anything they say? Perhaps we should be wearing 5 masks, 3 pairs of gloves, protective eye wear and bulletproof suits?
    I believe control is the keyword offered up by our current President, Vice President, Pelosie, and the nefarious squad. No I am not paranoid, I am a patriot and will wait out the 4 years! They will all be out of office by then.

  3. Why would unvacinnated matter if the vaccine is so effective?
    The percentage of vaccine effectiveness and percentage of survival if unvacinnated and contracted are the same 🤔

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