BREAKING: CDC Drops Virus BOMBSHELL – Nation Stunned

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  1. Seems that this “new” flu that can be transmitted to humans and may be deadly (possibly altered in the lab genome) is more than a coincidence that it is originating in China. When is this country going to wake up to the reality that this is not another “accident” by the Chinese but a highly organized attack based on claims of plausible deniability. I don’t believe that I am the only one that thinks that Fauci may be involved in this.

  2. My concern is they are experimenting to find/create a virus that attacks specific genetic markers to reduce the population of the world based on the “ideal or perfect” human. Genocide for everyone that doesn’t meet that “ideal”

  3. Was a pig once, a bat or cat next, now bird. Stop fing with nature. Stupid is as stupid does. Get rid of that lab in china and stop making strains that would never kill in nature. Ampbbn it up and let them kill half the planet or more. Just stop!!!!!!!

  4. Here we go again. How many of these pandemics created in and released from China will the world have to put up with before we take action against them?

    1. Heard on a podcast that the Wuhan lab may soon be history-dam on river above it may be blown up and destroy the lab! That would be great if that is true!!!!!!

    2. I read an article not too long ago that doctors n China were saying when they first discovered the COVID virus they were told to keep quiet and that if they didn’t they would be known to have a deadly accident. So doctors there were threatened if they said anything so that is why no one said anything. I wish now I had kept the article but I didn’t.

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