BREAKING: BOMBSHELL Video Reveals Democrat Lie – This Changes Everything

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10 Responses

  1. Yeah , Right like anyone would ever believe anything these conniving , deceitful, sacks of crap who’s only thought is to hold on too POWER regardless of who the Dumborats/ Liberal HURT in the process !!!!

  2. The demoncraps set this all up. They planned the insurrection. They made sure the antifa and BLM were mixed in the crowd. They demoncraps were the ones to make all this happen. They are EVIL

    1. They sure as hell did with Peolsi’s help she had to know this was going to happen as planned on her part ! #Enough of these lying fools who think all Americans are stupid!! Peolsi needs to be removed !!!

  3. My Husband & I watched it live on Fox News. I saved lots of these Video’s that went on FB. The next day, FB was blocking them. I sent a lot to Tucker Carlson, but he never used them or he couldn’t open them due to FB. I still have them in my Messenger Account, but they can’t be opened, accept for the ones you posted here here today.

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