BREAKING: Big Tech Gets CRUSHED – They Are Losing Allies

We welcome your comments on Main Street Gazette. Big tech is trying to censor conservative media, and there are fewer and fewer places on the web to build a conservative community.
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    1. Because too many of the politicians are in their money pockets, Follow the Money! Works every time.

  1. These sites use the goggle algorithm, which means that anything that makes sense, uses decent language, contains clarity and logic, and is right of the far left is censored, and you must be woke you can’t be awake. This means that if you have your eyes open, and are cognizant of what you are doing, you can not post on there site.

  2. If you want to destroy Antifa and BLM, that is easy to do. Quit equating them to anything to do with justice or anything righteous, instead call them for what they truly are, they are common criminals, call them that. Don’t call them or give them credit for anything good when all they do is destroy. And call MSM SM and Big Tech out as accomplices. Talk about them in that way. And do it all the time. It will destroy the Image that they want people to see. When ever the media or press try to put out fake news just tell people to consider the source. Talk about CNN like it is an affiliate of Dizzy Land, just making up tall tales all the time, for the Harry Potter Movie.

  3. They are not fiddling while Rome burns, They are lighting the matches to help start the fires. They are the ones burning Rome.

  4. My email address is my pseudonym, I am not a corporation, or a cause of any nature. I have laboriously tried to post on this and other sites with attention to clarity, decent language, common sense, et cetera and been totally obliterated every time! You, and similar sites are fiddling while Rome burns.

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