BREAKING: Biden Was 100% Wrong – Conservatives LAUGHING

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  1. Just a reminder a genuinely deadly pandemic doesn’t require 24/7 advertising to remind you it exists.
    Real pandemics don’t need marketing campaigns and endless propaganda….. But

    Psychological Operations DO.

    1. Thank you Marie, perfectly stated. Even from day one I didn’t fall for thee psyop. According to science social distancing is 15 feet not 6 feet, I guess 6 was an easier sell.

  2. I don’t know if conservatives were laughing, we aren’t a vindictive bunch unlike China Joe and his ilk. However, Bahahahaha!!!!!!!!

  3. It is all about control now. Not the covid. Covid has been a democrats greatest ally. Got them elected, got them all the extra money they need for any stupid idea they come up with. Now you are an evil person for wanted to get back to a normal life. If that happens democrats will not be happy… they will do and say anythung to get what they want. Fuci is all democrat and loves this lockdown and his hollywood statis he has gotten from telling more lies and more mask mandates.

  4. Most of this has been nothing more then scare tactics to make sure that the propaganda being spilled into this country continues because that way the new administration has a hold on the entire country and has no intentions of letting go so that people can actually make their own decisions about their lives without government intervention. And it goes in every direction of society. Election fraud, Gender, Religion, Race baiting, health care, and on and on. So if you believe what they are telling you then be ready and willing to surrender everything that you have including your children to their outlandish desires to rule.

  5. COVID 19 has been studied by Fauci for over a decade with many Sars/Covid patents that the media will not tell you about. He also sent over $600, 000 to China, without Government notice, slipping it under the radar. This Covid pandemic has been just one tool working with China, (re: Biden & son working with a Chinese bank in Ukraine), to bring down this country to third world status.

    All these tax increases and fiscal manipulation is to take care of the low wage immigrants flooding in, so that the immigrants will later all vote DEMOCRATIC. THAT is the strategy.

    Biden may even be faking his dementia so as to propel Harris into the White House, where even more radical changes will erupt. With all these unknown immigrants inside our country many will become the “enemies within”, offering up a twin edged sword, one side will be afraid while the other “enemy” side will start shooting incidents all over the country giving Harris Pelosi Hillary & Feinstein, there by manufacturing the final blow to genuine Democracy, which will be gun confiscation. The Democrats will put on a show of fear on the TV. They already own the media. Hitler & Stalin would be proud, while the five Communist countries of our world are waiting in the wings (along with Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, et al), who will easily invade & divide up our country, much like WWll was done ….over there. Don’t forget Mexico. Our politicians have sold out our country, even the Supreme Court has sold us out. Get rid of Hillary & George Soros & we might stand a chance but probably not.

  6. He is wrong. He doesn’t care. Joe just does what Obama tells him to. In his failing mind he is still VP……..

  7. Biden is the puppet but he is also a lousy president, his one goal in life was to be president and he can’t even a half way decent speech what a sad joke

  8. Sure I will be censored.
    The C0\/!D survival/never infected rate US
    is 99.84% (of 100%). Worldwide, 99.97%.
    The Black Plague in the Middle Ages killed one in every three people.That’s a survival rate of 67%. The Spanish Flu in 1918-19 killed one in every 10 people. Survival rate: 90%.

  9. Yep. Censored.
    It worked. Skewed the election. Now Constitutional Amendments are ‘not absolute’. Everyone in America should be scared to death.

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