BREAKING: Biden Vs. Biden [WATCH]

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  1. Impeaching Biden gives us Kamala hardly an improvement and if we impeach Kamala we get Piglosy again hardly an improvement. We are stuck unless we can get a do over election which is almost impossible. Trump was cheated out of his second term pure and simple but we’re stuck for four of the longest years in history. I just hope and pray we still have a country in 4 years.

  2. It is not just individuals being murdered across the country. We have a president who is step, by torturous step, murdering the Nation as a whole! He must be stopped!!

    1. Why cant Joe be ousted as president, everyone including his Dr that he cant run the country so how is this legal???? He isnt runingt the country some other idiot is ruining AMERICA. No other country has an incompent president—-he really didnt win anyway so why do all of us have to put up with his crap—-get him out—put yjr rightful President in which is TRUMP

      1. Yes, Trump is rightful president but the only way to get him back right now is if they would take the fraud seriously which Dems don’t because they set it up. This is a most terrible situation in my lifetime and I’m 82. If they would take a serious look at the fraud Trump would be declared winner.

        What this terrible fraud has done is make a lot of people myself included think twice about voting since our votes don’t count. There needs to be rules put in place so that this cannot happen again. VOTER ID is a must and must be verified before one votes. A pain but is a necessary one if we are ever to have a fair election again. Only mail in ballots are those requested by the voter him or herself whose identity has been verified before they receive a ballot by mail.
        I still have picture of Biden telling us about the extensive fraud he had set up by the Dems before election. I don’t understand why or how he got away with that.

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