BREAKING: Biden RESIGNATION Announcement – It’s Happening

President Biden’s vaccine mandate could land him in major trouble and even force him to become the 2nd President to resign from office.

The American people are sharply divided on vaccine mandates, and any move Biden makes will be trouble. Where things get out of hand is if President Biden’s vaccine mandates cause mass layoffs and resignations nationwide.

Many Americans have made it clear they will quit their jobs if they are required to get vaccinated. Strikes and mass layoffs nationwide will trigger an economic collapse that could destroy the Biden administration.

While Biden’s vaccine mandate hasn’t officially been rolled out yet, the announcement of the mandate caused significant disruption in the economy.

Companies with over 100 employees will be required to mandate vaccinations or submit weekly tests. What is unclear is if workers will be required to pay for the weekly tests or will the business bear those costs.

If businesses are forced to pay for the weekly tests of employees who do not want to be vaccinated, it will lead to some serious issues. Not only would such a provision provoke a legal battle about worker discrimination, but it would also significantly disrupt nearly every industry.

Many worker’s unions have loudly and forcefully condemned President Biden’s plans for a national mandate. The political consequences of a vaccine mandate will be significant and could cost Democrats in next year’s midterm elections.

President Biden has to make a choice, and he has to make it soon. Either go ahead with his vaccine mandates and risk destroying Democrats in next year’s election or drop his mandate and face the wrath of the radicals in the Democrat Party.

The wise decision would be to drop the vaccine mandate, but so far, the Biden administration has made no signs of giving up on the idea. If Biden goes ahead with his plan and destroys the economy, it would not be surprising to see him resign from office.