BREAKING: Biden Makes HUGE Announcement – He Is Doing The Right Thing

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  1. Lori Lightfoot the mayor of the slum of Chicago, the deadliest slum in the country. A racist bigot, that cares only about herself. She didn’t get the job because she could do the job, she got it because she is black, and uneducated. Just listen to her talk, and you know that she never got past K-1. Chicago needs a new mayor, hopefully one that knows what to do.

  2. The theory that you are looking for is called the Q-anon. the left has been using it for years. That is why they keep trying to say it is a right wing conspiracy theory, they are projecting to discredit it while they are doing it. The leftists are trying to keep it under wraps so that people don’t know about it. It was all about how to bring down a nation without invading it. And all of the tenants of the theory are in play right now.

  3. Finally looks as if Uncle Sleepy, Creepy Joe, might have some “balls” after all….as long as he doesn’t give in to the so-called “squad”.

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