BREAKING: Biden Is In Trouble – This Is A Landslide

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  1. You people keep talking about how Biden, Harris and others are on their way out. What I would like to know is when? Are you people just jerking our chains. or you bringing things to a head? It doesn’t seem that Biden and staff is fazed by anything being said. It seems that the Republicans are afraid of the Democrats and are afraid to let their voices be heard. The Senators always come up with “Biden has really stepped in it this time” or” Maxien Waters has crossed the line”, or even better Pelosi has melt down. I’m starting to wonder if any of this is true as nothing seems to happen after the statement is made. Things would come up about Hillary Clinton, that she was headed for prison from the e-mail scandal, the scandal of she and Obama hanging the Navy Seals and our Diplomat out to dry and refusing to send relief in Libya. Or, even better, the illegal sale of uranium to the Russians. What gives? The people would like the truth for a change instead of being fed a bunch of BS.

    1. Horace Everett i agree with you 100 % someone is just trying to pull the wool over someone’s eyes i got to the point i stop reading you said nothing has been done to anyone i seen biden is done harris done and yet nothing has been done to them.i kind of think like you said it’s all B.S

    2. What they want is to divide, isolate, confuse , Tell lies and talk out of both sides of their mouths and with the confusion do their agenda behind everyone’s backs.

  2. Horace: These rotter Polititans are not going any where because there is no justice in Washington, they all know too much on each other to do anything that will risk their big high dollar jobs. But soon GOD will return and take care of all rotten low life things that they have done to the people and this Great GOD Given country. and it won’t be soon enough Tonight will be fine with me. AMEN.!!!!!

  3. We thought that there was a plan, “trust the plan”, so we wait, and wait, and wait. Was the entire Q drama just an act to stop the American People from revolting? Was Q just used to hold us inline so that the election could be stolen, Biden installed as President, and nothing would happen? Anons say that we needed to “see it” to be convinced that there was evil a foot. Well, we’ve seen it, we’ve tasted it, and we hate it. Now tell us what to do about it or are we on our own now? Is Q still with us????

  4. One less democrap that can take over the better.. republicans need stop being too nice to these creatures.. sometimes to fight fire you have to use fire.. don’t go crazy, but we need to put some muzzles on some of the democrap dogs that won’t stop barking all the time.. this country needs help BIG TIME…

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