BREAKING: Biden Caught On Video – What A Disgrace

Putin is laughing at us.

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8 Responses

  1. He is the ventriloquist’s dummy. And just who is the ventriloquist? None other than the Magic Negro, Hussein Obama, the person who promised to “fundamentally transform” America.

  2. Where is the glowering vulture in black that usually looms over the vegetable boy to whisper in his earpiece on what to say? Oh , right she wrote it on the prompter. So he has his mask, where is the American flag??????

  3. WE in America certainly feel that Biden is the laughing stock of our American presidency. He just proved it on the Telecon with other nation leaders. Just lok at him only one wearing a mask, stupidity at its utmost completeness. Can you just imagine what the rest of the world thinks of the leadership representing our nation!

    1. I doubt they care about our flag, they don’t care about the American people, they only care about the migrants. Actually they don’t care about them either. Can’t be bothered, won’t even go to the border.

  4. this just proves tat feeble minded people just do as their told, and to think this mindless IDIOT is running a great country, or used to be great we are slowley sinking in to a large s*&t hole

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