BREAKING: Biden CANCELS It – Americans Outraged

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  1. Americans won’t cancel anything related to patriotism. Biden’s dictatorial attitude is not going to work.

    1. he can try all he wants, but I won’t let him stop me from any and all patriotism of any can!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Alysaa,
      What else would you expect from these numb nuts! Why re they getting paid to do nothing but screw things up??

  2. King biden is all about cancelling all and anything related to being a partriot. Only thing democrats care about is your money and compliance. Alltohellwith king biden and gang

  3. I thought the people in Government were supposed to act for the people. America is a Republic, supposed to be run by the people. The president, right on down the line are public servants, when did they forget that? They represent the people, not themselves!!

  4. Tyrant and Tyrantita strike again! Just goes to prove that the DC Police, Capitol Police, and National Park Service are: Yes, Sir!, Yes, Sir! three bags full! Full of money from payoffs!

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