BREAKING: Biden Administration Makes SHOCK Announcement – They Will…


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Pattie P Kelly (@guest_388856)
1 month ago

When Biden was giving one of his speeches he was talking about how many people are back in America from Afghanistan. He’s so stupid he turned to the man standing behind and asked him how many and turn around and said 169. WOW 169 Americans back and he can’t remember the number. I bet those people got on another country’s plane and then got back to the US. Embarrassing to say the least.

Marine Bob (@guest_388675)
1 month ago

They do not think there are crises at the airport now? U.S. passports being confiscated and destroyed? There are 4,000 Marines and Army paratroopers there now. Sent in more, get into the town and countryside and rescue the Americans and Afghanis who worked with us for 20 years. What a FUBAR operation!!!

reward (@guest_388671)
1 month ago

Afghanistan fell in a matter of days, and changed its name. How much longer will it be until the name of the United States is changed to Obamastan?  

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