BREAKING: Biden Administration LAUNCHES Lawsuit – Republicans Furious

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Nancy (@guest_374685)
1 month ago

Cozycalico, I agree 100%. What makes it a problem for blacks. Don’t quite understand if they can get to the polls before why would having to show some sort of ID or register like everyone else does make it more difficult. This woman just wants to stir the pot. Just like most of his bunch at the WH. The one good thing is that blacks are starting to wake up as to what the Dems are doing an for the other criminals that are not only black they don’t vote in the first place.

cozycalico (@guest_374371)
1 month ago

“restrict ballot access to Black voters.” How does making sure people register to vote restrict Black people? All they have to do is register and no one is keeping them from doing so. If I have to register then why don’t they? It simply makes no sense. All Americans need to register. I never read that it was just one race that needed to do so.

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