BREAKING: Biden Admin Shocks World – This Is Disgusting

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  1. Air Force One takes a wrong turn. They were over Beijing when the engines quit, Biden ask the pilot what was wrong the pilot said we are out of gas. So Joe being the man of action that he is, he bailed out, he could be heard saying WHOOOA! I forgot my chuuuuuuute………….splat. Harris who happened to be on the same flight jumped too, but she got her chute on, when she tried to open it she kept pulling the wrong chord. She was pulling the chord for her k0tex, needless to say that turned out to be a bloody mess. The pilot remembered to switch to the reserve tanks, and flew off into the sunset. This pilot will be remembered as a national hero.

    God bless him for saving the aircraft

    Someone needs to explain to United that there are times that quality over equity is a better solution. A pilot stops for coffee and forgets to gas up! At 30,000 feet and 600 mph is not a good place to check the air in the tires. And what was he doing over Beijing, picking up 1.5 billion dollars, for Biden???

  2. Negroes DO NOT behave like this anywhere else in the world (except in africa.)
    That is probably why the world is shocked. Negroes have been trained since the days of LBJ and MLK that if the “demonstrate” they can get whatever they want with little or no effort. And yes I included MLK. Although MLK claimed to be non violent, violence seems to have followed where ever he went!

    1. I beg to differ Bob, these people which by the way are black and white were hired by some rich group or person to destroy our nation. We can not point fingers on one group. MLK was a great man and there are bad people on all sides.

  3. Democraps new laws. Crime will pay, don’t need to listen to cops, blm more than anyone elses, you can do legal extortion just call a company racist and the watch the checks roll in…… our lives matter… now king biden has put each of we the people against each other… score 0 for transpartency.. all to hail with king biden

  4. Granted, the blood suckers referred to above need to be put out of office. The question is how and how soon? This is only the first step–With God’s
    help, Americans can then begin to reinstall morals, individual responsibility and God. Might it be that leaving God out too much, by too many was the beginning of America’s problems?

  5. There are only three things to say to a cop when he or she starts to arrest you (justified or not). they are: 1.0 Yes Sir, 2.0 No Sir, 3.0 See you in court Sir. And then do what the cop says. Had he done so George Floyd would still be alive (If the drugs did not kill him) Same thing goes for the 20 year old last week.
    For this to work, the court system has to be cheap and fair. A cheap and fair court system is much less expensive than the court costs that are or will be incurred in either of the above cases.
    Think for a minute, George Floyd was drug user. What started the action that ended up with the current situation was a counterfeit $20 bill. That bogus $20 bill destroyed 2 lives and has / will cost millions. If he had followed the above rules. He would have had to appear in court and explain where he got the bill (I suspect it was his drug dealer, it is unlikely George made the bill himself.) A fair court would think the same, George would walk, ignoring the drug use. The cop would have done his job and still be on the job. The same general situation for the 20 Year old.
    For this to work the penalties for simple drug use cannot be 20 years in prison. The drugs have got to be stopped at the border. ( Do you hear that President Biden/ Harris).

    1. Amen. Since when do police officers go to trial because the suspect fought because he/she committed a crime? Where has American gone. Where are all the good people with sense? Bless God America, now more than ever.

  6. It seems the ENTIRE Biden administration is a pitiful, disgusting joke and all the decisions, planning and plotting of destroying this country are more than this one senile person could come up with!! Is this Obama 2.0? Or George Soros? Or the One World Order folks? Whoever it is has a lot of power. We need to stop this destruction.
    It is clear there is an underground leader who is providing the agenda and writing all the executive orders and writing his few crazy spoken words. I can not accept any of this as legitimate. Nor can i say his name and president in the same sentence. It’s all so disturbing and repulsive that we the citizens have no say as to the demented decisions being pushed on us from the severe CRISIS at the border including no plan to send these people Back to their countries. Or the next round of higher taxes and job losses and the green new deal that will further destroy our nation. Please, if we all care about the USA we need to get these bloodsuckers out of office, and reinstall morals, individual responsibility and God into our nation. The devil is at work here.

  7. U S had a retarded hypocrite leader, that is all I can say. He never fit for office. Those who voted for him if he really won were bunch of naive citizen as well. They have no common sense that he is too old and unhealthy, unfit to sit in that office. Calling Putin killer and now trouble stir up in Ukraine.
    He said one thing and did the opposite. He is not a man with integrity. To me if I am helping my friend or work for my boss and he went to bed with my wife he is d…

  8. It is obvious that the Biden Administration is the devil’s demons at work, anymore they see good as bad and bad as good. God help us!

  9. No surprise that the Biden administration would slam the police and say nothing about the riots that followed the shooting, my question why did he try to run, I understand that he had a warrant out for a minor crime, why run not very smart I also feel terrible that he was killed, but just this how that officer feels but no-one will care about her except her family and friends and as for our “fearless leader” he should have stayed in his basement

    1. Well spoken he had no reason to try to get away and he would still be alive and all of this sorry would be gone. Sorry for all the loved ones prayers for all

    2. he should have stayed in his basement you got that right. Oh I can’t stand to even look at him and will never listen to him speak as he hasn’t a clue how to deliver a speech of any kind. This idiot is in our White House but I will never call him president. He is an imposter at best and don’t care to say what worst is. LOL

    3. I agree why did he resist arrest? If he didn’t do that he would not have been shot. democrats try to make this about racism .and its all about resisting arrest Everything seems to be racist like dolling money only black farmers. This is our supposedly uniting president and he so stupid

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