BREAKING: Governor Declares State Of Emergency – National Guard Mobilizing

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    1. That’s a great idea, after who do they need to be protected from? Unless they are realizing, even the people who voted for them may want their heads on a platter.

      1. Yep a platter would do just fine. Type in so typical of where it takes you. Want to do something to change things? Go to To: 1) set fed term-limits, 2) to get fed balanced budget, and 3) stop fed. over-reach and over-spending.

  1. This is very good news to hear Our Governor taking a stand to uphold the Constitution and his Oath of Office protecting Arizona Citizens, Cities and the State..
    We are prospering while many Democrat States are suffering needing Bailouts to keep them afloat while they continue to use Covid Funds for themselves and not for Covid..
    Governor Ducey stay the course by protecting Our State..
    We have all seen what they did in the Presidential election and many Congressional seats..

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