BREAKING: Antifa On The MARCH – Red Alert

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8 Responses

  1. My fear is the government will turn military on patriots. We saw a bit of it on the Jan. 6 DC fiasco. National Guard in DC to put fence around the whiners who are against borders but want protection and personal body guards. Already the guard is trying to root out any one who is a conservative or believed in Trump as president. How does the average American fight against so deep corruption? Even the courts are pro liberal. The deep state is truly DEEP. I don’t think 2022 election will change anything if elections are corrupt, DC, Puerto Rico get state status. There aren’t enough of us to out vote them. Short of a miracle I think it’s a long up hill battle. Not sure we as a Constitutional Republic will survive. We really need a miracle from God to turn it around.

  2. We are Americans have to stand up and fight with them. Clean our streets, protect our businesses and our kids. The democrats created any terrorist group like BLM and Antifa and made their leaders rich. All those activists used those people as a puppets. Just don”t understand where are their brain? How you can attack, destroy, hurt, kill your neighbor, your store you used to stop by and how you gonna continue to live with all of it. God will judge all of them.

  3. These people are sick in the head there is no plan how to make things better in they country just destroy things

  4. Its only a matter of time before the citizens take this fight to these terrorists because obviously the government isn’t doing anything about these POS lowlifes,alot of people are getting fed up with thier antics and they need to be stopped

  5. Well I think its time to call in the Natl Guard. and let them play too. Except this time allow the Natl. Guard to shoot to kill anyone not willing to disburse and leave. Anyone destroying property. Anyone trying to harm Law Enforcement , the public or Natl. Guard. Its time they call out the BIG BOYS. Lets play for real….Law Enforcement and the Natl. Guard will get a complete Black Out….if you know how to play Bingo you know what that means.

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