BREAKING: Another Traitor EXPOSED – He Has Got To Go

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  1. Why have Biden and Kamala not been Impeached! Neither one have done their job. There are many more that need to be gone. None of these idiots need to be in the country’. They do not support the USA. TRUMP fought hard for the USA and never took a salary. WE need TRUMP back. He won the election. I would never vote for the idiots that are in the White House now! Please pray they get these clowns out of Congress now. Our country is going down hill fast.

  2. Remaining silent and ignoring the lie emboldens the liar. I will not participate in that.” But that is exactly what Cheney is doing by backing the DNC, and Media claims, that there was no election fraud. Cheney is a part of the deep state comprised of Rhinos and Dinos that have formed a cabal within the government, that seeks to overthrow the government to turn this country into a [email protected] slave state.

  3. Buck is just another Rino like Liz who should have been ousted from
    the Republican Party a long time ago since both of them are more
    Democrat than Republican. What exactly have either of these two
    done for the people? Trump stepped on their toes and went about
    helping the American People, not the insiders and the elites. Buck
    did not seem to find a problem with taking money from the media
    moguls to get big tech to censure the right and restrict freedom of
    speech. We don’t need Buck or Cheney.

  4. No one loves the USA more the Pres Trump or respects the Military and the Veterans plus wants secured elections more.

  5. Former Congressman Buck.

    My, my. The RINOs and the Dems are so VERY desperate to cover their election fraud. Look up Jovan Hutton Pulitzer IT genius hired to audit Dominion voting machines in AZ. Great interview on Gateway Pundit.

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