Border Patrol Chief replaced with second in command without explanation

Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott announced on Wednesday that he was being asked to leave his current position, according to several sources cited by The Washington Examiner.

The Biden administration is forcing the law enforcement officer out of his position and replacing him with the second in command, according to a recounting of Scott’s announcement via video conference with regional chiefs from around the country.

A final decision on the position was made by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas according to the examiner’s three sources, one of whom said that the move was not related to Scott’s performance or the surge of people attempting to cross the border in the past six months. 

The move was “completely driven by politics,” according to the Examiner. Despite Scott’s position being apolitical his 29-year history in law enforcement, he was given a letter referred to as the “three R letter,” which stands for resign, retire, or relocate which one source called an “unprecedented” move on the part of the Biden administration.

“I received my 3R letter today. For those not familiar, that is Federal government slang for the letter issued to [Senior Executive Service] level employees informing them of a directed reassignment. The recipient has 3 options- relocate, resign, or retire. No rationale or reason is required, nor is it disciplinary,” Scott wrote on his personal Facebook page.

“Just a simple needs of the service directed reassignment so the new administration can place the person they want in the position,” Scott continued.

“A huge thank you to all those who have reached out, prayed, and supported me and my family, especially over these last few crazy months. I remain confident that God is in control. And….. over 29 yrs is a pretty good run!”

The Biden administration has suffered massive bad press over the lack of control over the southern border with conservatives making negative comparisons between this administration to the previous one.

Biden and his border czar, Vice President Kamala Harris have yet to address the problem at the actual border and might well have needed a “fall guy” given their failure in stemming the flow of illegal immigrants.