BLM’s Shaun King used political PAC money to purchase $40K show dog

Shaun King, an infamous Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist who was a staple on liberal mainstream media networks during some of the earlier social justice riots, seems as if he’s taking a page out of BLM’s playbook regarding how to spend big piles of donor cash inappropriately.

According to Fox News, King’s political PAC, Grassroots Law, reportedly paid an astonishing $40,000+ for a performance dog that King got as a family pet. 

A new report this week revealed that King used money from his PAC’s donations to make two payments to Potrero Performance Dogs, one, the first payment, for $10,000, and the second payment of $30,650.

Just a few days after the report says the payments were transmitted, King posted to social media welcoming the new family pet, a “new member of the King family” as he wrote, which turned out to be a Mastiff and prize show dog named Marz.

Interestingly, the dog was reportedly returned by King at some point, as the company from where he purchased it showed the dog winning a prize at an American Kennel Club competition in July.

The company was forced to explain why it once again had the dog, and it wrote that the $40K dog had “a little too much energy to be a family dog so he came back.”

King was brutally mocked across social media for the purchase, which he defended as an alternative to obtaining a gun for self-defense.