BLM supporters terrorize group of restaurant patrons at a New York City taqueria

In the wake of the guilty verdict in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, protests by supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement continue to erupt across the country.

According to Fox News, on Tuesday night a group of BLM supporters descended upon a restaurant in New York City, New York where a group of mostly white customers were enjoying dinner. The protest group used a loudspeaker to heckle the restaurant’s patrons by telling them to “get the f*** out” and shouting that “white-owned” taquerias aren’t welcome in the city.

The incident was captured on video, which clearly shows one of the leaders of the group standing on one of the dinner tables and shouting racist, profane remarks at the guests and the restaurant’s employees.

“Stay the f*** out of New York! … We don’t want you here! … We don’t want you here! … We don’t want your f***ing money!” the man shouted.

The incident erupted just hours after the guilty verdict in the Chauvin trial was announced, as pop-up protests — mostly celebratory over the fact that the jury threw the proverbial book at Chauvin — occurred across the country.

Though comments on the video footage were predictably divided between those who agreed with the protesters and those who do not, one Twitter user made clear that he took up the protester’s advice to get out of New York City years ago.

As the weekend approaches, only time will tell if these ridiculous incidents will continue to happen and if so, what restaurant owners will be able to do about it, as it’s obviously not good for business.

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  1. You can’t blame this BLM and antifa mess on the police officers they are being de-funded and demonized by the democrats while these jack booted terrorist or being cheered. You can blame the democrats for this mess. I wonder who they are going to call when these thugs break in their house one night since they don’t believe in guns.

  2. Looks like NY is next to get Burn down. Just another Democrat State being run down Democrats love when there’s violence and burning down of stores and killings.

  3. Little did I know, prior to the illicit Chauvin conviction, when I said “a guilty conviction would NOT satisfy blm, nor antifa” that it was a prophecy. As evidenced, by their actions since, they only way to STOP THEM, is to sweep them up and incarcerate ALL of them, OR EXILE every last one to a foreign county – – may I suggest Africa!!

  4. BLM is nothing but a terrorist group along with ANTIFA. We need the mayors and governors to start cracking down on these groups. They need to be arrested and go on trial. They are getting away with it because the Government is letting them get away with it. No federal money should be given to the states to help clean up their mess. Call in the National Guard to help.

  5. Arm your self if the cops don’t wanna do anything about BLM and antifa because they have been told by criminal politicians then protect yourself arm your self. We the people are the people don’t let this happen take control of the deep state vote the criminals out of office. Trump 2024

  6. time for Americans to take up arms and put and this BS once and for all. the police and politicians won’t stop it, it’s time for WE the PEOPLE to do it.

  7. Too bad NYC is disarmed. If this happened in America, the diners would have said, “who shoots arson? We shoots arsens – click, click!”.

  8. Why were they not thrown out of the restaurant? People need to stop being bullied and take action against this kind of crap!!!!!! If you break a bullies nose, arm, leg, etc they will generally leave you alone!

  9. What were the POLICE doing, while this was happening ? ? ? ALL of them, “Coulden’t” have been looking for “Donuts” !

  10. There has to be same rules. Can’t have double standards because of your skin . We are way past race .. come on thats just I reason to try and destroy this country. We need to stand together and get rid of these groups that try to turn eachother against eachother

  11. We all are GOD children,but when we are in the wrong we got to pay the penalty.we got so far away from our morel,we are not teaching repeat. BLM IS WRONG AND ALL WHO PROTEST AND in danger another should get the same.

  12. These BLM and Antifa trash people don’t deserve to live here. They don’t have the intelligence or normal work ethics required to hold a job slapping burgers together; even at that they are under qualified. They should all learn to say “You want fries with that?” It will take them lots of practice.

  13. Blm, antifa, they’re terrorists plain and simple. They don’t care about anything except destroying businesses, property and people who aren’t “black” . Anyone who disagrees with them are targets.

  14. The guilty verdict handed down by the Jurors will follow their own guilt all the way to their grave.

    Remember MAD INSANE MAXINE when she comes up for reelection!

  15. If white people did they they would go to jail for breaking some kind of racist law. They are going to riot no matter what the verdict is because they just want trouble. I am getting a bad feeling about u.s.a. Future. All of you leave this wonderful country.

  16. They are not black they are not african they are n—–. I don’t have one problem with the black or african people but the rest need to be taken out. They get on tables cussing people out. They look like a ape. Quit what you are doing. The more trouble you cause the more people will start hating you. Everyone’s lives matter not just yours. If you was being killed all the time how come their black rich athletes own companies have jobs where you are the top dog. No you just want people to give you money you hadn’t earn..Get a job and shut your mouth.

    1. I have been saying the same thing for years. There is a big difference between black people and ni–ers. Ever since the the biggest ni–er of all obama was elected and got away with spewing his racist bull—t from the bully pulpit.

    2. There is a lot of great black African Americans It is not right to say they are all bad because of there color just as it is not to say that about any color it does not matter what the color white, black, brown there is bad in all colors , I have black friends that are good people they are no different then any one else they work for a living just like I and a lot of others do they are professional people that work for what the want, They do not go out and act like all of you idiots that includes all the low life whites that do the same get a job and earn respect if that is what you want and money stop sating around waiting for it to be give to you. We have had to much burning destroying luting by all you low life Whites, Blacks and others the ones that do this is nothing but low life N— if you do not like it here get the hell out

    1. There have been several Back-to-Africa movements in American history. (Google it.)
      They failed! Guess there is no social welfare in Liberia or Sierra Leon.

      1. But there is plenty of violence – just right for blm/antifa.
        Something interesting for you. Type in see where it takes you.

        Want to do something to change things? Go to To: 1) set fed term-limits, 2) to get fed balanced budget, and 3) stop fed. over-reach and over-spending.

    1. More and more people are leaving NY and other ravaged states. Maybe, with the loss of revenue lost, state and businesses will realize their stupidity in bowing to these anarchists!
      I feel very for those unable to leave and have to live in that atmosphere😥. 😡

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