Black defendant’s murder acquittal draws comparisons to Rittenhouse case

In expressing their outrage over the Kyle Rittenhouse self defense acquittal last week, countless liberal pundits asserted that the jury declared the accused not guilty primarily because he is white and that a minority defendant would surely have been convicted under similar circumstances.

However, leftists’ claims were seriously undermined by the result in a Florida case – reached on the same day as the Rittenhouse verdict – in which a Black defendant claimed he shot police deputies in self defense during a 2017 raid and was acquitted on charges of felony murder, attempted first-degree murder and shooting or throwing a deadline missile, as the TC Palm reports.

Last Friday, a jury of his peers found Andrew “A.J.” Coffee IV not guilty of the aforementioned charges, all which stemmed from an early morning drug raid at his Gifford, Florida home in which his father was indeed found to be in possession of illegal drugs.

Coffee indicated that he was sleeping when the SWAT team descended upon the residence, and when he heard the commotion, he believed that a robbery of his home was in progress. He claimed that he saw what looked like a rifle pointing through an open window in his bedroom, and that is when he began firing his own .45-caliber gun at those he believed to be intruders.

When officers returned fire, Coffee’s 21-year-old girlfriend, Alteria Woods, was struck and killed, resulting in his second-degree felony murder charge, levied due to the fact that – as someone with prior felony convictions – he was unable to legally possess the firearm he used in the exchange with police.

As Palm Beach ABC affiliate WPBF reported, during the trial, Coffee – like Rittenhouse – took the stand in his own defense, explaining that the only reason he shot at deputies was because he had a sincere belief that he was being attacked.

“I was trying to protect me and Alteria and I thought I was doing that, but I feel I didn’t protect her. I can’t sleep with that…they killed her,” stated Coffee.

Though Coffee convinced the jury that he did act in lawful self defense and was declared not guilty of most of the charges lodged against him, he was convicted in a separate proceeding of the felony firearm possession charge for which he faces a maximum term of 30 years in prison.

Despite liberal rantings about unchecked racism in America’s courts, as legal analyst Michael “Lionel” Lebron rightly observed, Coffee was found not guilty “in a jury trial by a system that apparently can administer justice to someone who is not white,” adding that the outcome should go a long way to quashing “the ridiculous myth promoted and propounded by the radical left” that it cannot.