Black conservatives tell Supreme Court vote security isn’t about race

It’s a message that the Supreme Court needed to hear – securing our elections has nothing to do with race, no matter how much the left tries to make it so.

Project 21, a black leadership network, issued remarks to the press in support of two Arizona voter fraud laws being examined by the Supreme Court.

“Phony claims of voter suppression should never trump legitimate voter integrity measures,” Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper said in the press release announcing the group’s role in Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee. “All Americans — black, white, or brown — benefit from ensuring that authentic, duly-registered voters cast the ballots that decide what policies and elected officials will govern their communities.”

“While these laws have been challenged as a violation of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act and the 15th Amendment’s protections from racial discrimination infringing upon voting rights, they were upheld by the lower federal appeals court,” Project 21’s press release said.

It’s a story we’ve heard too many times.

The left has no argument for why we should allow our democracy to go unprotected – so they cry racism. It’s time we put that to an end.

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55 Responses

  1. I see this website is like the rest who say they allow freedom of speech. But it’s only if the people who are running things like what you say.
    This site is like the rest who don’t want to hear the truth. They are as much of the problem as anyone. They still try to cancel out the truth and let you hear what they allow.

  2. In order to have election integrity the government needs to issue free of charge a VOTER ID CARD to every LEGAL US citizen that is of voting age. If the citizen fails to present the ID the citizen should not be allowed to vote period. This should be a mandatory requirement. This should not be a partisan issue. You need to have ID if you go to a bar and order an alcoholic drink, just to mention one of many ID requirement in this beautiful country but no ID to vote. This is absurd. I personally immigrated to this country legally and made the choice to become a US Citizen and proud of it. This is the best country in the world. I was hoping that the US Supreme Court would at least have heard the arguments in the last election if for nothing else for the benefit of the country. I really believe that the court had a responsibility to do so. I think that whatever their decision would have been for or against at least the country could say the arguments where heard in the decision is final. I hope and pray that the country becomes UNITED because right now we have too much divisiveness. The politicians need to do their job and unite the country.They need to remember that they are elected to represent the people and not themselves. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  3. I don’t know about all the elections we have had, I do believe our 2020 Election was corrupt. When all the numbers don’t add up, & you have machines that were PROVEN to be altered, votes missing, votes being delayed, Democrats not allowing security to observe, then VOTER FRAUD IS THE ONLY ANSWER !! It doesn’t take a genius to put it all together. Our country has the most corrupt government now than ever before. The whole world KNOWS IT! AND NOW, more than ever, there are corrupt countries taken advantage of our corrupt situation. God was working miracles for us through President Trump. We all could see the great things being done, and that is exactly WHY Democrats set their agenda into motion. Trump also was starting to expose the Washington corruption & The Deep State AND he had them running scared….he still does….that’s why they have their fence up!!! It’s very doubtful if we will EVER have another honest election, unless SOMEONE can get this huge mess corrected. This country is in desperate need of PRAYER ! I have been praying 24/7 because I DO NOT WANT my grandchildren or Great-Grandchildren to live in a communist country…..because we are ALMOST there!! WAKE UP AMERICA !!

    1. I totally agree with you. This is a very sad situation and every day just seems to be worse than the day before. Just wait until Harris takes over and watch this downhill slide increase by 10. We need to have God intervene to stop this. Everyone needs to pray.

  4. Funny. Or not. People have been voting for years. Now all of sudden voting changes, cancel culture, racist remarks. Everyone is bad except for the criminals including the big ones in the White House. The only ones that need to be cancelled are the brainless clowns making these decisions. Most people know this is wrong. So stop making decisions that most Americans do everyday. We do not need the Democratic Babysitters. Besides, I wouldn’t trust anyone of those knuckleheads touching or being near me. Especially the Cuomo freak in New York. I do not like to cus. But where these people or monkeys got their manners, they need to get cleaned up. No violence. Just a Trumpy Bear for all of them.

  5. They forgot, how beautiful is little! Want little and do more! – as Dr Dolittle once said! If you do not trust Dr Dolittle and you do trust Dr Jill – just remember, what JFK once said:
    “Do not ask, what your country can do for you! Just think, what you can do for your country!”
    Don’t you trust JFK anymore? Then replace JFK Airport with Jill Biden Airport!

    1. Most likely he was killed – because he said so!
      I did not kill him! Neither Nikita Khrushchev did!
      He was killed by La Femme Nikita – femme fatale!

  6. As I have said several times before – ideal would be the situation, when most of American voters would have one tenth of the sense of democracy and patriotism and knowledge, what these words mean, one fifth of intellectual power, imagination and thinking speed and agility of judge Clarence Thomas or late senator Orrin Hatch and when anyone posted on ballot on every presidential election would have half
    of it! Maybe thhen we would survive as a nation! Otherwise our survival would be doubtful! The question remains to be asked, why they do not? There is several reasons! Money, money and money and greed and appetite for more and more!

    Ideal would be situation, when men would apply for any public post – not yo mention US presidency – not to fulfill their boyish ambitions – but rather be always keen and ambitious enough to grow in their lifetime from boys to men!

  7. All we have less is (A) live in a Country where a dictator tells the Citizens what to do, leading to slavery!
    (B) Come together and kill every nasty stinking DNC varmint breathing!

  8. The DNC is public enemy #1
    The DNC attacked the Citizen’s of the United States of America the day the unconstitutionally inaugurated Obama! This Country has gone down ever since, except for the great job President Trump did, in the face of adversity! Obama, Ayers, Dorn, Holder, Jarrett, Rice, Lynch, Kerry, HRC, Wray, Clapper, Brennan, Baker, Comey, Soros, and every Treasonous DNC politician breathing should all be thrown in prison for treason!

  9. Judges have LIFE TIME appointments so they will NOT have political problems. Even SCOTUS goes with POLITICS now. Game OVER unless the people take over. This will put me on the hit list on the LEFT.

  10. Have I said how much I hate Democrats lately? They are stealing our rights one at a time. They promise free stuff to illegal aliens, and we have to pay for all of it. We are paying them to destroy America.

  11. People don’t seem to get the point of being an American. Everyone has a different ancestry. But if you come to America, you share the same heritage that we all do, Americans. Not racist, Americans, it appalls me to think anyone would come to this country and try to be anything other than American. You don’t like it GET OUT, as Americans we stick together no matter what, that’s how I was raised.

  12. The left has no argument for why we should allow our democracy to go unprotected – so they cry racism. It’s time we put that to an end. Oh no, you mean the left got told off. Well good. The election was rigged no doubt about it, ballot harvesting, illegal Americans, on and on. So cut it out left bull. You are not going to win this one. You are off the real American agenda. And no one likes it. Pelosi you need to be put in jail today. And get away from San Francisco. Yes Obama started racist bull and guess what? Every American belongs here legally. But Obama thought otherwise.The nut case is in the White House, so who’s running the show. MR RACIST HIMSELF OBAMA.

  13. Racist was what Obama started promoting with his 8 years in office now the courts are afraid to say anything they bought into the lie that all Americans are racist and we owe anybody that is not white All Lives Matter don’t play stupid it’s not about color

  14. I wish people would research the Underground Railroad years ago were people work together to help free the slaves and got them to safety . Let me know how many times the word racism comes up. All people don’t look at color they look at how you treat one another. The only ones that use that word are the ones with a hateful and a very limited vocabulary, and will never come together as friends because you can’t give of yourself. Or because being that way serves your purpose. When you come into this world you can’t pick your color or nationality,and we should all realize it and accept it . It’s a lot nicer to live with each other than resent each other because of the color of your skin that you had nothing to do with. Will all be leaving this world one day and no matter what you own you leave without your material items so don’t sweat the big stuff life and happiness is your choice

    1. I plan on keeping the stuff that I worked very hard for until I die…then it won’t matter anymore; but, while I’m here, I am not giving away what I worked my rear end off to achieve.

  15. Everybody in America could vote against democrats forever now but the dems are all rigged to win anyway with the country-wide Dominion & Smartmatic election equipment that “elects” based only on software manipulations . We have just seen that happen , Dominion CEO even bragged about it , saying HE MADE SURE Trump won’t win ! The dems don’t even need the illegal diseased hordes they want to come in again “to vote” . They just want the criminal hordes to destroy America per their NWO agenda goals . Get rid of Dominion & Smartmatic “election” equipment or we will be stuck with these criminal enemies of America – FOREVER !

  16. I’m pretty sure that’s why we have a Supreme Court as it is now they’re just another arm of the left I’m saddened to know that the majority of our elected officials have known wrong doings that hold them to wrong choices that really hurt honest hard working people I’m glad and Thankful for people like Project 21 Thank You we need to be Americans no divisions no problems we are one Country we need to keep it alive and many can be helped

  17. The Supreme Court should have heard all of the election cases, or consolidated them in a single extended hearing. In 1972 the entire summer was occupied with the Senate Watergate hearings. Election corruption in 2020 is so much more serious than the 1972 Watergate break in. All of the witnesses who signed affidavits need to be heard in front of Congress. (Money had to have changed hands clandestinely…the integrity of the US Supreme Court is ruined.)

    1. I also believe that the integrity of the Supreme Court is ruined. But I believe the reason is that it is ruined is due to their laziness and not wanting to be involved. Very, very sad. They should have at least looked at the facts, which they did not. Just goes to show where the direction of America is headed—downhill!

  18. The left uses racism as an excuse to try to take all right guaranteed by the constitution and the bill of rights away from the American people,they are wrong for doing so and we need to use our right to vote to rid our congress of people that are only interested in serving themselves instead of those that elected them

  19. Racism only exists because the dems and liberals keep talking about it. If you tell a lie enough times you start to believe it yourself. That is what the Dems do…they lie and then they begin to believe their lies. Quit bringing up racism. Let the people take care of it now that it has been noticed. We don’t need the press and government politicians continually bringing it up. I never paid attention to a persons color until the press and politicians and Antifa made such an issue over it.

  20. Being an American has absolutely nothing to do with what color you are. Adding your color to to the mix is what people do to ensure that there will be continuous conflict between the races. Being an American does carry many responsibilities. One responsibility is to educate yourself about civic duties and determine which candidates are most likely to govern in a proper way. Good leadership is conducive to making our country function more fairly and efficiently so that freedom and liberty are guaranteed for all. All legal votes are necessary and voter fraud should be eliminated when possible. The best way to encourage people to vote is make sure they know the process is correctly secured and their vote will really count. Everyone’s vote should be done in secret but the voting system should be open and transparent to all.

    1. If the Supreme court ever heard a case this one should have been to prove the election WAS or WAS NOT stolen the American people had the right to know!

      1. Americans already know that it was false. But it would have been nice to know if the Supreme Court had validated the Americans thoughts.

  21. personally I believe the election was manipulated.,I personally will never believe that, comparing Trump rallys and Biden rallys that Biden won fairly.He couldn’t even gather a crowd how could gather votes?categorically impossible!

    1. You are so correct on that Biden couldn’t even gather flies except for many in his basement. We all know the election was stolen and that Tru mp won by a landslide-Long live TRUMP

    2. Exactly right !!!!

      The election was stolen, NO DOUBT about it !!!!
      This is how the marxists managed to put themselves in power and now they are already working on making sure the same “rules” will stay in place for 2022 and beyond .
      This is why the POS flip flopper Fauci is saying that there will be no “ back to normal “ until 2022…
      Do they really think we are that stupid?????

      1. Lmao!!! Not US! Their voters! And regardless of what them and the media says… we have the numbers!

  22. I have said this before if white people are racist, then all the white people in congress are racist.

  23. Get rid of pelosi and schumer and it will make a difference, they are bad news period. You have the media, billionaires, a lot of people that have made a mess, people who are suppose to be honest, they took bribes, even paid people to vote for Biden even when they knew he was I’ll. Of course Obama stepped in and is running his third term. The only way he and michael could do it.

    1. After Pelosi & Schumer get rid of Harris. She is the more incompetent than Biden hence easier to control by the Deep State, Media & Tech.Cos. hence dangerous. She has risen from the ranks through corruption. Her history has been published. The Deep State & Washington are so CORRUPT, they shoveled her in after they shoveled in Biden KNOWING he is fully incompetent. The world has witnessed it. China is gloating. The election was a sham controlled by the Deep State, and what did the Supreme Court & Attorney General do to correct this? NOTHING. We are barely 1-1/2 months into this sham election & the country is seeing the results, can this go on for FOUR years? What will be the outcome?

  24. Any thing done to ensure that there is no voter fraud is a good thing… As would have been the Supreme Court investigating the allegations of voter fraud prior to 1/6… Sticking their heads in the sand instead of investigating only proved to many people there was something to hide………
    I blame them, liberal judges and nasty bullying dems for the 1/6 disaster……

      1. The left wants you to quit voting because it makes it easier for them to steal the election. They don’t have to fabricate as many mail in ballots that way.

  25. This is right voter security is about everyone regardless of color of your skin – Americans want to make sure that there is no voter fraud or irregularities that were in this past election – without doing something about this then voters can never believe in an honest election again.

    1. The 2020 election proves this!!! And to back it up ask yourself WHY so many state supreme courts refuse to hear the cases!! Could it be that SOROS spent so much money getting them elected that they are beholding to him??? I have personally documented so much of this that Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and probably SCOTUS ROBERTS OF THE HIGHEST COURT IN THE LAND!! The corruption is so obvious the Amistad Project documented with a paper trail, money trail, signed contracts etc., look it up!! While you are at it look up American Thought Leaders and THE EPOCH TIMES they did a great job on Georgia and Pennsylvania!!! The corruption of the election and the judges is obvious!!!

      1. I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!! We need security in our elections, or we will end up with someone like worse than we have now. Plugs and Heels-Up Harris? God help us!!!


    2. agree time to make votes secure no room for fraud this election lacked transparity and security. The Democrats dishonor Black, Brown or Red comunities when they believe and act like they donot have the ability to registure and vote securily

    3. OK, that is 1/2 way to first base. The nation cannot endure 4 years of Biden and the Obama Soros tailwinds behind him.
      Even with control of the house and senate, we would stagnate when we should pick back up where Trump left us.
      Any thing could happen in this fragile age, I don’t feel good about wasting one minute of Trump not back in charge.
      Hell, even little rocket man liked him and Putin greatly respected him as a worthy opponent.
      It’s time to take our country back!

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