Bill Cosby hit with massive civil lawsuit over allegations of drugging, raping actress

Actor and comedian Bill Cosby probably thought all his troubles had gone away after he was released from prison over the summer, but a new civil suit filed against him could place him right back into the media spotlight.

According to the Washington Examiner, an actress who appeared in only one episode of The Cosby Show has filed a massive civil suit — to the tune of $225 million — against Cosby over allegations that he drugged and raped her in 1990 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The actress, Lili Bernard, wants the “U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey to award her $100 million on four counts alleging Cosby assaulted her, battered her, inflicted emotional distress, and falsely imprisoned her in 1990 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, as well as an additional $125 million in punitive damages,” the Examiner noted.

In the court filing, Bernard’s attorney claimed that the actress suffered greatly as a result of the alleged sexual assault, citing a number of ailments Bernard has experienced since that day over 30 years ago.

“Ms. Bernard sustained permanent injuries, including, but not limited to, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, emotional distress, and physical sequelae thereof, nightmares, flashbacks, inability to sleep, severe physical pain and suffering, severe emotional pain and suffering, embarrassment, and multiple other permanent injuries,” the filing stated.

Bernard’s story isn’t unlike so many other accounts recalled by aspiring actors who sought mentorships from high-level Hollywood players like Cosby in order to advance their careers.

The filing indicated that Bernard was brought to Atlantic City to be one of Cosby’s mentees, as Cosby promised to connect her with a producer who could jumpstart her acting career. Bernard claims it was done “knowingly and intentionally” for the “purpose of drugging and then sexually abusing Ms. Bernard.”

As many other women have described in their encounters with Cosby in his prime, Bernard claims she was provided a non-alcoholic beverage by the famous actor, which later resulted in Bernard experiencing “symptoms of dizziness, an urge to vomit, and weakness.”

Only time will tell if Bernard is able to reach a settlement with the actor or win the case, but if Cosby is able to settle it and move on, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see that outcome unfold.