Bill Barr blasts ‘secular progressive orthodoxy’ permeating America’s public schools

In a scathing critique of trends in education as well as in society as a whole, former Attorney General William Barr this week posed the question of whether it is advisable – or even constitutional – to continue funding public schools with tax dollars, as the Washington Examiner reports.

During a speech in which he accepted the Edwin Meese III Award from the Alliance Defending Freedom, Barr warned Americans to take heed of what he called the “secular progressive orthodoxy” that has taken root in the country’s public education system, something he describes as “totally incompatible with traditional Christianity and other major religious traditions in our country.”

The former AG argued that religion has been intertwined with education throughout the history of the Western world and that increasingly pervasive secular ideologies promoted by leftist elites are disrupting that critical link. “They are inherently bound together,” Barr declared in reference to religious thought and traditional pedagogy, adding, that “the whole idea of trying to separate them is actually a fallacy.”

As such, Barr claimed, “the time has come to admit that the approach of giving militantly secularist government schools a monopoly over publicly funded education has become a disaster,” as Fox News noted. Taking his argument a step further, Barr stated, “it may no longer be fair, practical, or even constitutional to provide publicly funded education solely through the vehicle of state-funded schools.”

Bolstering Barr’s take was his assessment of critical race theory (CRT), which has permeated public and private school curricula with increasing vigor in recent years. Calling it “nothing more than the materialist philosophy of Marxism, substituting racial antagonism for class antagonism,” he opined that CRT “posits all the same things as traditional Marxism,” and therefore has no place in America’s classrooms.

Weighing in on public school materials in which students are taught that they are free to decide for themselves whether they are male, female, or non-binary, Barr lamented that “this is not established science,” but instead is the “moral, psychological, metaphysical dogma of the new orthodoxy.”

Noting that concepts of this nature were not widely promulgated in America’s public school system until relatively recently, they have since become deeply entrenched in a startling number of jurisdictions and represent “a broadsided attack on natural law.”

Barr has long been an outspoken proponent of religious liberty protections, with the Department of Justice under his leadership filing numerous briefs and engaging in other forms of advocacy on behalf of worshippers who fought back against restrictions placed on in-person services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With a rising chorus of parents across the country now organizing to fight back against the radical agendas infiltrating their children’s schools, it appears that Barr’s remarks are indeed in sync with far more Americans than the media, teachers unions, and far-left lawmakers would have the citizenry believe.

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  1. America is a democracy SO IS GOD, you can choose to serve in Hell or in Heaven the choice is yours. In other countries there is no choice I would rather live as there was GOD and find out he isn’t than to live as if there was no GOD and find out that he is. Living as an equal citizen with respect for one another has it’s rewards

  2. The three R’s have changed to Rebel, Revolt, and Ruin it. Educators should have more sense than pushing the tripe they do now. Most will goose step behind whatever the NEA dreams up this week to pollute young minds. School districts should be allowed to set their own curriculum beyond what should be the basics of education.

    1. My respect for Barr has slipped a little because he did not do his best to help President Trump. However, I agree with him about the direction of our education system. I would rather take my tax dollars and give them to private schools, where parents have a say about the curriculum. Brainwashing kids to hate America or hate whites is as bad as teaching them to hate Blacks or minorities. No difference. Bad teachers and professors are outnumbering the good ones.

  3. Read the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence where it discusses a long train of abuses and usurpations and notice that it does not mention whether or not long refers to the length of train or period of time.

  4. If Barr had done his job, this would’ve happened. He knew about the Russia hoax and did nothing to have people prosecuted. You went along with the left and allowed them to steal an election. Yes, it was stolen from over 100 million patriots.

    1. Alabama Girl…this site uses google recaptcha to moderate or censor users. Garbage and google are both spelled starting with the letter G. Contact your congressional reps and demand a breakup of big tech and regulation of all US internet traffic as common carrier. We don’t get cut off talking on our phones, and we don’t need google or any other internet firm censoring users on line.

  5. Schools must not interfere in religion, worship or gender, Their functions were to give the right education to kids to build their decent future with freedom, not government dependency. It was based on reading, writing, counting using mathematics, physics and philosophy to make them more critical for their own decisions in life. Introducing demagogy, Marxism, faith, gender contribute only to confuse and alienate them to a despotic government as malleable tools to expand their toxic doctrine. It is pure heresy. This negative education must be forbidden and not granted by tax payers’ monies.

  6. Too bad Barr backstab the President Trump and the American people. He wrote most of joe Biden eos before the election. So Barr can say anything he wants but he still betrayal the constitution and the American people.

  7. I am so disappointed and angered that it has taken so long for Conservative ideas to be recognized and not dismissed by the leftists. Why aren’t we being heard? The country seems to be evenly divided in their beliefs, yet even many of my friends aren’t listening to what is happening. They are so convinced that President Trump is trying to line his own pockets. That we paid millions of dollars for his golfing trips and that his tax returns will reveal just how crooked he has been even recently. Because of that they cannot even begin to see what is happening in our country. No one is perfect, but they can change for the better. It seems that the left has changed for the worse and no one seems to recognize it.. I am 81 years of age and will soon be a statistic myself. I wish that my body could keep up with my mind and that I could go out and be heard.

  8. I believe that it is the parents responsiblity to teach their children right from wrong.
    Take them to worship service and let them learn God’s law. As far as school is concerned, parents should be involved with their school and their children. Stand up for yourself and your children. Be able to voice your opinions. Help promote good attitude.

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