Big Government Goes Too Far – The People Are AWAKE

#NoVaccinePassports is trending on Twitter!

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    1. Agree with you, Michael!!!!

      🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕that’s for the “ sniffer “ and the rest of the gang !!!

  1. There is zero color in America. We all have the same heritage which is worth fighting for, don’t you think. Keep going but never never give up. The best is yet to be.

  2. Daniel, they don’t post my comments either, your right the truth hurts. So many Americans fail to understand the truth. Makes me mad, but hopefully more and more will get the truth. I sure do get the truth through to them, by asking. Why did you vote for Biden? They stare and ask, how did you know that? I just say, lucky guess, but do watch the news on OAN, not CNN as they are the biggest LIERS on tv. My comment will probably not be published either. Big tech no nothing LIERS.

    1. God Bless you Susan !!!!!
      Big patriot, smart individual!!!!!
      This POS website keeps on canceling my comments too !!!!!!

  3. when well this bull sh**t stop it’s like we are all back in 2nd grade school with all this racism ,calling names at any one who doesn’t agree the demorats
    and playing like this guy biden is are daddy ,saying if you don’t do what I say / you will do as I say or he’s going to take away are guns that they will give every thing to border jumper and so on. how long are we going to take this crap . What can we do? Witch we the people never put him in office fraud!

  4. Another way for the left to divide the people. Segregate the vaccinated from the
    unvaccinated. If the vaccine is so great , why would a vaccinated person have to
    worrry? The left does not want the pandemic to go away. Their way to keep control
    thru fear.

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