Biden’s unblinking appearance on video footage raises questions, concerns

With every public appearance he makes, President Joe Biden seems to spark new concerns over his cognitive status and overall health, and that was certainly the case on last week when video footage of the president speaking about the Jan. 6 unrest went public, and the commander in chief’s unblinking visage took many by surprise, as the Washington Free Beacon reports.

Biden’s remarks were part of an address made to black law enforcement executives, and in them, he took aim at former President Donald Trump for what he described as inexcusable inaction during the protests at the U.S. Capitol in 2021.

While Biden’s thesis is certainly worthy of criticism in its own right, it was the nearly 80-year-old chief executive’s odd appearance during the presentation that sparked all sorts of speculation online, in that he failed to blink his eyes for what seemed to be an otherworldly length of time. WATCH:

As the Free Beacon notes, observers marveled at the fact that the president appeared to speak for upwards of 40 seconds without blinking once, standing in stark contrast to the typical human average of one blink every three to four seconds.

Though suspicions and speculations about Biden’s overall physical condition and mental acuity are nothing new, the absence of blinking seemed to spur a whole new line of inquiry across the Twitterverse, as Newsweek reports, with some wondering whether the White House used a body double, green screens or computer generated imagery (CGI) such as that used in animated films.

The outlet noted that one user in particular opined, “This is 100% deepfake technology. They pasted Biden’s face on an actor. I’d bet my career on it,” while others hypothesized that the low rate of blinking was a well-known side effect of Botox anti-aging injections.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson mused that the preternaturally alert look sported by Biden was attributable to some unidentified substance he took – perhaps while recovering from his recent bout with coronavirus. “It’s clear that the White House had him on something, we don’t mean that new COVID drug, look at this eyes. …Whatever he is taking ought to be publicly available for all of us. Share it man,” he said.

Even if the underlying reason for Biden’s odd appearance is an utterly harmless and understandable one, the obfuscation, misrepresentations, and outright deceptions in which this administration engages daily – particularly about the president’s health – ensure that few would accept any White House explanation as fact, and thus, the conspiracy theories will almost certainly – perhaps justifiably – continue running rampant.