Biden’s team “calls a lid” just four hours after he returned from a long weekend

When former President Donald Trump was in the White House, most of the public likely wasn’t aware of the phrase “calling a lid,” as Trump worked tirelessly and transparently for all Americans, virtually around the clock.

That’s certainly not the case with President Joe Biden, which was evidenced once again after an extended weekend at his Delaware home. Biden flew back to the White House on Monday morning for a meeting before his team announced that a lid was called at 1:48 p.m. EST, which was about four hours after he returned to work, according to Breitbart

Biden’s original plans included returning to Washington D.C. on Sunday night, but those plans were ultimately canceled after the president spent Sunday on the golf course, presumably tiring out the 78-year-old man.

On Monday, just prior to the lid, Biden spoke publicly for roughly 20 minutes on the COVID-19 pandemic, a speech in which he warned that unvaccinated Americans “will end up paying the price.”

“Ultimately, those who are not vaccinated will end up paying the price. The vaccinated will continue to be protected against severe illnesses, but others may not be if you’re not vaccinated,” the president said.

Interestingly, as he was wrapping up his pandemic speech, a reporter asked him about the ongoing, deadly situation unfolding in Israel where Israeli forces continue to clash with Hamas terrorists. Biden indicated that he was set to speak to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shortly after and hinted that he might update the press on the contents of the call, but that never happened.

It should be noted that when a lid is called, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the president is done working for the day, rather, it means that the president no longer has any scheduled public work for the remainder of the day.

While all presidents have used the press lid to some degree, between Biden’s constant lids on the campaign trail and then in the White House, it’s no wonder why Trump and conservative pundits mock him for it, as he already appears to be a frail, elderly man who probably enjoys a good nap.

The mockery and jokes haven’t stopped Biden’s people from continuing to use the tactic, but it raises questions as to why a sitting president calls so many lids in the face of multiple crises he and his administration should be dealing with around the clock.

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  1. One of these days he is not going to wake up from one of his naps. Then what. Kamala? That will be even worse, if that is possible. The whole bunch needs to take a nap and never wake up. (Actually I wonder if they are awake now)

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  4. God will take care of these Devels we have in the Govenment today because Hell is not half full yet, an older neighbou told me that when I at was a very young age and I have never forgot it The devel will make room for all these Polititans both sides Demolorcraps and Republipukes and it will be their just home. Depend on the Lord He will take care of us. AMEN.!!!!!

  5. At a very early age I was told by my grandpa it if you want to destroy something first you got to get Within. _____, politicians?_____ lawyers?_____, judges?____ Democrats?_____ and maybe the president? What do you guys think?

    1. James: Your Grandpa was a very smart intelligent Man and he should have your Great Respect, it is a shame that we don’T have great people like that today. He had to be a man of GOD. and a loving Grandpa thank GOD for him AMEN.!!!!!

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  7. Shame on all of us Americans for not standing for truth and justice. We persecute the righteous and we party with evil monsters. “Where have u gone Joe DiMaggio”, might as well be asking our true President, DT to come back.God bless us all.

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  9. You gotta give him credit he’s a complete failure as a leader and he’s been getting away with it for 50 years. Shame on us for allowing this to go on for so long.

  10. Funny how they don’t tell you that over 4,000 people have died from the vaccine according to CDC or how many have had ill effects. If this is so safe like they try to convince you, then why do the manufacturers have indemnity against law suits from ill effects and death? It’s an experimental vaccine and I for one am not willing to be a human guinea pig for them.

    As far as Biden goes, this “putting a lid on it” is nothing new. He had to do that all the time when he was campaigning. It’s obvious he’s not fit for his position; not physically and certainly not mentally,

  11. Biden is not president of anything nor anyone, he is just a tool holding a pen with a guide and scripts!
    Wondering where are the Generals, Supreme Court, Law Agencies – who is minding the country?????????????????????

  12. The man is incompetent of handling anything, he is running America into the ground, to bad cheaters like them along with the press are in office at all, dump the dirty creeps !!!!

    1. Joe has been on the wrong side of everything. KKK Byrd trained him. He push Bussing, pushed the three strikes law. Was against taking out Ben Laden. Could go on with good things he was against. Joe is just a looser. He is a looser with his church

  13. He faked his way in and he’s done. Don’t expect anything good from this president until his death

    1. And then we see what their real plan is for Harris. I am quite sure they don’t want her running (Ruining) their plans by going rogue.


    1. If he makes it even 3 years in office I will be surprised and if Kamala gets in there no telling what will happen she don’t know her mouth from a hole in the ground I am just sick of the dems with the will of God he will take care of us and not let them ruin this beautiful nation and the planet just so sad that Trump got screwed out of another 4 years

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  16. Calling the “lid” just means his handlers have not decided their next actions or statements.

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      1. I just attempted posting a suggestion that these ads not be published, yet I do not see my posting!!! Interestig.

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    1. Do You have an education ?? I am asking because You seem confused with what you want to say I almost stopper reading because you jumped from one thing to another it seems.

      1. STOPPER? LOL And you are laughing at someone else’s education??? HAHA. I am quite sure you meant to say Stopped. But try a bit of humility and less judgement.

    2. Biden is a tired old man who should never be in office as our president
      He knows not what he’s doing or anyone else in office Washington !
      Sad day when you can’t trust your goverment or elected officials in Washington.
      Democrats have done nothing but destroy our country !

      1. I couldn’t have said it better, I totally agree with what you said. We can’t believe he’s the President, totally incompetent! We are really concerned for our country. They are communists!

    3. Biden is not competent to be President. He needs to retire and VP Harris needs to gone as well with her racism. The entire Administration is as crooked as a dogs hind leg. I pray for our country. We are in trouble.

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